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Tina Marie Dec 2019
Trying to jumpstart myself
To empty the emptiness inside me
Trying to jumpstart myself
My mind dismissing all that I hear and see
Trying to jumpstart myself
Feigning smiles and laughs and cheer
Trying to jumpstart myself
Though I'd much rather just not be here
  Dec 2015 Tina Marie
Marcus Belcher
Solemn and righteous
Alone and wandering
Many are looking
Under earth and up at stars
Ready for that moment
A single moment
In which their life blossoms
Just a little snippet from my next book coming soon...
  Nov 2015 Tina Marie
Sarah Oh
We're the kind of mess people see as art
We have flaws people see as curves and edges
We have scars that remind people of our defeat, pain and struggles
We're a map of everything we've been through
  Nov 2015 Tina Marie
Marcus Belcher
Great minds understand
Only fools see two entities
Overloading to one side
Destined to always shine

Again and again
Neither gaining or losing
Doubt always around

Everyday is a battle
Victory is impossible
Infinite dance
Love is the partner
More random works
Tina Marie Nov 2015
Don't tell me I'm beautiful.
Look deep into my soul, past my scars, and tell me I have a beautiful heart.

Don't tell me you want to make love to me.
Let me in the place your demons live and make me love you in spite of them.

Don't tell me you want to love me the rest of our lives.
Make me believe it's possible to build a life with you.

Don't tell me you love me.*
Show me in so many ways that there is no doubt in my mind and I just know it.
Tina Marie Nov 2015
I'm the kind of girl
That you won't miss right away
But I'm the kind of girl
That will make you wish you'd stayed

Because I'm the kind of girl
That gets inside your head
And I'm the kind of girl
You'll remember til you're dead

And you're the kind of boy
That thought he wanted more
You're the kind of boy
Who was scared of what was in store

And you're the kind of boy
Who was too blind to see
That with this kind of girl
We could have been a perfect we

But I'm not the kind of girl
To let a coward back in
I'm not the kind of girl
A few simple words can win

I am the kind of girl
That draws strength from the tears
And I'm the kind of girl
Who faces all her fears

So be the kind of boy
That isn't scared to care
So the next girl you fall for
Won't leave you standing there
Tina Marie Nov 2015
When shall I see your face again
Or taste your crooked smile?
When shall I gaze in your hazel eyes
And drown in them for awhile?

There's something about you,
I'm not sure what.
But when you're not here,
My soul just feels cut.

When shall I breathe in your scent again
Or hold you in my arms?
When shall our story finally begin?
Perhaps when we're over past harms.

We both want to move on,
But we just can't let go,
So we cling to each other;
Claim we're taking it slow

Will we admit that we're more than friends?
Or will this end
Before it begins?
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