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  Apr 2019 Dusk
I wonder
if the cells in your body
have the slightest idea
that they are part
of something
or even the slightest clue
  Mar 2017 Dusk
I love you
even in our arguments
Still do
  Mar 2017 Dusk
I remembered
that day
I played the violin for you
and only you
as you closed your eyes
so tight to listen
you leaned on
the back of the chair
and you put
your arms on
the kitchen table
as I played Mozart,
your utmost favorite
with Paganini and Liszt
in between
and you smiled
for the first time
without worry for me
and that's the first
I have ever felt
that you needed me

you listened so soundly
until you fell asleep
and I smiled
as I watched you
in slumber
I played ever so lightly
to not wake you up
hoping these moments
last a bit longer
You once told me
"That was the safest I have been
and I've always felt the safest
when I'm with you"

Tell me...
Do you still feel this way?
  Mar 2017 Dusk
If I could go back in time
and find the younger me
I'd shout your name
over and over again
to tell him that things
will all be better soon
and all heartbreak
will be worth it
  Mar 2017 Dusk
You were
I looked
forward to
  Mar 2017 Dusk
Why are you here with me
when you can be there
with the people
who can
make you
  Mar 2017 Dusk
I will be there
right where you left me
to pour you some hot tea
just the way you like it;
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