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rose hopkins May 22
Buttercups and bluebells
Lilac and cherry blossom
Violets peeping
Leaves unfurling
Blackbird calling
Lambkins bleating
Raindrops falling
Merry month of May
Spring time observation
rose hopkins Apr 20
The skin on your shin can be thin
It's a curse when the nurse makes it worse.
rose hopkins Feb 28
A late February evening
A tree lined silhouette
On the far horizon
Against a sunset
Of burnished gold .
  Feb 11 rose hopkins
and so you decided
to drive down to see
if you could find the end of the sunset
like you always dreamed

it hurt to watch the sky get dark
and know that the light took you with it
i could never chase the sunset.
instead i wait here, for the beautiful sunrise.
rose hopkins Jan 31
Wet and windy
Winter whiteout
Weather Warning.
I have made for you a song
    And it may be right or wrong,
But only you can tell me if it’s true.
    I have tried for to explain
    Both your pleasure and your pain,
And, Thomas, here’s my best respects to you!

    O there’ll surely come a day
    When they’ll give you all your pay,
And treat you as a Christian ought to do;
    So, until that day comes round,
    Heaven keep you safe and sound,
And, Thomas, here’s my best respects to you!
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