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  Oct 11 rose hopkins
Alligators hide
Hungry under the surface
Stepping stones with teeth
A metaphor for life-avoid snappy rocks!
  Oct 7 rose hopkins
The most twisted oaks
Stand strong and weather a storm
When younger trees fall
If you believed the media youth wins every time. How do you think these oldies got to be so old?
  Oct 7 rose hopkins
the sun-fired clouds
cannot consume
the cool-blue slivers
of tonight’s sky

as nameless colors
dance to the rhythm
of fire and ice
in twilight’s silent waltz

just as many truths
are left unuttered
their presence being felt
but obscured by words
9/28 - sunset was a beautiful cardinal-orange that defied description but the abysmal-deep blue sky peeking out between the fiery clouds was breathtaking...  a loving reminder to never forget the sacred space between the lines.
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