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The cold moon breaks through the crevices
and where do I hide?
there's nothing to haunt my mind
but only the guilts inside.

Told not to venture into the night
I braved in the power of moonlight
where every shadow was a ghost
every dark nook a lost coast.

If I had someone with me
it wouldn't be all that scary
but I left them on the way
thinking I wouldn't need them anyday.

The loves I betrayed
the souls I traded
descended behind the tree
like the waning moon.

Before long the dark would devour me
knowing, I moved down with the moon
with none but the sighs on my side..

The derelict offered no place to hide.
Simultala, April 5, 2024 night.
rose hopkins May 2
Don't borrow tomorrow
To stay in today
While living in yesterday.
rose hopkins Feb 24
Thwack !
The wiper swiped
The rain off.
Observation, rain, wipers.
rose hopkins Sep 2023
Let it be open
So the love can flow
Let it burn through
And leave
An indelible mark
On your soul.
rose hopkins May 2023
Buttercups and bluebells
Lilac and cherry blossom
Violets peeping
Leaves unfurling
Blackbird calling
Lambkins bleating
Raindrops falling
Merry month of May
Spring time observation
rose hopkins Apr 2023
The skin on your shin can be thin
It's a curse when the nurse makes it worse.
rose hopkins Feb 2023
A late February evening
A tree lined silhouette
On the far horizon
Against a sunset
Of burnished gold .
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