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Travelling on the treadmill of time
we only stop to die.
Did we but know when we were born
of the fate of you and I.
The moment of birth we cannot recall
death we cannot foresee.
Just two more cogs on the treadmill of time
is the fate of you and me.
from my collection " moments in time"
My love and I will meet again
on some far golden planet,
and even on the darkest night
or blinded by the brightest light
our souls will touch and know.

For on a far and distant shore
a billowing sailing ship takes oar
to sail across a future sky
and in the blinking of an eye
Ezekiel's wheels come spinning by.

And through the blue of Heaven's arc,
the supersonic trails
in ancient ocean spray,
and through the windows of my mind
the past and future merge
to dance  
an endless dance
with now.
from my collection "moments in time " this poem was conceived during a dream and written immediately upon waking.
On the edge of another dimension
I look through the cracks
catching snatches of a memory
long lost in time.

Voices rise and fall in muted conversation
and shadows surround me
drawing me towards infinity
suspended in time.

Like a sleepwalker I fear the night
and the promise that hangs heavy on the silence
and the spinning lights that wheel in on the wind
holding me in their brilliance.

Spellbound in anticipation
I watch as the cracks
widen on the memory
that I know was mine'
Ride the wave of life's great ocean
falling through your own emotion
taking stock of where you are now.
See the future like a promise
but you know you must be honest
to yourself before all else.
Feel the thrill of fear and pleasure
know them both so you can measure
what is right and what is wrong,
let your spirit find the answer
send it like a cosmic dancer
to the place where we belong,
and when a kind word softly spoken
mends the places that are broken
in your spirit and your heart.
Make each moment last forever
keep them close so you will never
lose your soul or lose your spark.

Jan 2006
My wailing heart sobs
loudly in my ear
my aching eyes can't
shed another tear
I feel so helpless
looking at your pain
as you slip so slowly
to another plane.

Regrets grow larger
for you and for me
but we can't undo
what was meant to be.

And it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach
and my grief comes screaming
tearing me apart
no nightmare dreaming
this pain within my heart
and it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach.
from my collection "moments in time"
Don't see yourself
as the nuisance before the pain
or see yourself
as the cloud before the rain
see yourself
as the credit before the prize
and the love that shines
from your children's eyes.

You walk in the door
sour eyed
pretending to be sober
you cross the floor
veering wide
and almost falling over
I stare at you
the baby cries
and I start feeling guilty
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