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Kilam TA Jul 2017
Butterflies flap their wings to escape gravity
Allowing the winds of change to lift them towards peace
like a monk's prayer
Say what you will about this story of humble beginnings
True humility is in the lobe it takes to encourage this journey
through times darker than shade
So I say to my butterfly
Let me be your wind
And always support your flight
Kilam TA Jun 2017
Love's ghost possesses me to pick flowers
Sending whispers though my window, as I rest my eyes
Under dark skies my mind wonders though fields of fragrances
Sweet scents ****** me drawing me to a bouquet
That I will give to you when I wake
You, the girl of my dreams
Kilam TA May 2017
Love makes the inevitable, inviting
The darkness of death looming
Like a dark cloud on the brightest day
Love's rays of sunshine can not stop the rain
But each drop now has the potential to bow
Bringing a joy, we could never imagine
Kilam TA May 2017
The door shuts behind me
I hear the locks engage
Click, click, click
The blinds close
It's dark
In silence I listen
I wait
I wander
Hands stretched
I feel nothing
I see nothing
So I sit and do nothing
But now I'm stuck in the cold
Dark and lonely
So I stand and walk forward
Reach forward
For change
For Light
For the open door
Kilam TA Apr 2017
Oases are vainglorious
Often indulging in their own mystique
Coveting the admiration
Inspiring others to aspire for their majestic independence
But unlike rivers, they do not flow
They do not connect
They do not grow into something bigger than themselves
This connection is power
It is love
Be a river
Kilam TA Mar 2017
We all have the power as individuals
To confront every injustice
To resist tyranny
So every ember moon
I look to the sky
Prepared for every battle
And fly with those
Who look up for opportunities
And not down at misfortunes
So our fires continue, to burn
Kilam TA Mar 2017
What secrets do your eyes hold?
what desires could I fulfill?
What pains could I mend?
What wonders could I cultivate?
Your eyes are the window to your soul
One day I hope
You will open the blinds
And let me see
Kilam TA Feb 2017
I don't want to fight anymore
I don't care who was right
I don't care about blame
I don't care about what happened
But I do care about this feeling
This feeling of betrayal
This feeling of disappointment
This feeling of abandonment
It didn't always feel like this
It doesn't have to feel like this
It shouldn't feel like this
But it does
Though it shouldn't
So it will, nevermore
I promise
Kilam TA Dec 2016
Some would say the heart is the most precious ***** in the body
But I disagree, see for me it’s my mind
It’s hunger for reason must be fed
It’s thirst for information must be quenched and this precious vulnerability must be protected
Solitaire exercises of discipline strengthen these walls with lessons so essential their very nutrients must be extracted from the most sacred of confines
Locks, rusted with petrifying shadows of blame
Contempt fills these boxes that if released arbitrarily could prove to be terminal
Preparation has skilled me of such treachery but no YOU attacked the heart
An ***** most would say is the most precious because it can cloud reason and influence the ******* that is the human brain
Turning pain into tranquil contempt
Removing logic from the vital equation of understanding into a dismal acceptance of average
Well I’m here to tell you though your best efforts, your attempts at my emotional demise have proven to be futile
I stand before you wise to your woes spun effortlessly weaving a pictured filled with promise and no action
My heart, although damaged will learn from this strife and beat stronger and better than ever before.
It shall not ache nor bleed for you, but it thanks you for your time….and this lesson.
Kilam TA Dec 2016
I've been down
So far deep my eyes struggle to differentiate left from up
Buried to my neck, I'd watch scorpions approach
Taunting me with a poisonous end
I've lived on the brink
Borrowing necessities in exchange for my dignity
I've never cowered from opposition, but cried at the thought of my self worth not being self sustaining
And yet, I stand before you
Not blind, indignant, distraught, or ill
I stand before you, standing
And I will never stay down
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