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Kilam TA Apr 2018
Influence is the power you have over others
Brothers fighting over the bigger crumb
Dumb to what they and their sister's have become
Won by skin tones and education
Legislation driven by religion
Forgiven by a being we've never met
Regret nothing, so we do it again

Friends burn bridges for this power
Liars sell visions for this power
Poppers give their lives for this power
This is why I despise this power

We all sin
So we all can't win
But if the game was rigged to begin
What do we ever, really win?
Kilam TA Feb 2018
Rotting flesh bathes under the sun's unrelenting waves

Our prey has felt the reapers touch
repossessing its soul
so we may harvest the remains

The scents invade our nostrils
luring us into a state of blissful hunger

We dive
We feast
We leave none to waste
Kilam TA Oct 2017
Being bombarded with temptation
Doesn’t dim the fireworks
That crash like the a Titan gait
Inside my heart
No exposed midriff will propel my drift
As my thirst can’t be satisfied
With the bucket and pulley water they fetch
This carnal passion I feel remains sky-lit
Bright and beautiful
All, because of you
Kilam TA Sep 2017
Love doesn't fail
It withers without proper care
The roots gasp for the final drop
A drop, that is no longer there
When we shed light on our shadowed past
It should bring life
But care isn't attention
It's attention done right
Results may very
As the effort will change
But when all is lost
The seeds, will always remain
Kilam TA Sep 2017
I need you both
because balance is good
Fear, I know you are over protective
Imagination, I know you are blindly optimistic
but with balance comes discipline
because balance is good
I will continue to consult you both
as you are my allies
on this journey to self revelation
and realization
I will continue to consult you both
because balance is good
Kilam TA Sep 2017
Let me stay warm
bask in your walls of life
hold tight till stars exchange long glares with sunlight
And tell the moon of blue skies
mistaken as true lies
with the hues of red and purple
between the hours of midnight and noon
I'll never hurt you
only love long pass curfews
Until we sleep clutched in an embrace
awaken by the same love on a new day
Kilam TA Sep 2017
The seed cracks with growth
separating through reach destined for the heavens
competing with the similarly ambitious
because space is finite
So, aspire to grow small?
I think not for I am a seed
"Let me exceed", I shall ask
fore my pedals will expand and spread my  pollen
Never, to recede
Attempting to mix imagery with abstract cerebral complexity
Kilam TA Aug 2017
Fck you for encouraging me to take out more than I needed
ck you for not explaining the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized
Fck you for judging my eligibility based on my parent’s income and not my own
ck you for pretending to look out for my best interest
Fck you for making me decide on whether to pay you, or go to the hospital
ck you for harassing me via phone and email
Fck you for transferring my loans to a different company
ck you for asking for money back BEFORE I graduated
Fck you for asking for money AFTER I graduated with NO job
ck you for asking for MORE money after I got a job
Fck you for transferring my loans to a different company (again)
ck you for suggesting a 30year repayment plan
Fck you for the high interest rates that negate the payments I was able to make
ck you for adjusting my repayment plan without my consent
Fck you for suggesting a lower monthly payment as I crept toward full repayment
ck your shoes with the belts on them (Boondocks)
And Fck Donald Trump
This is America sucka. The land of the free, and home of the brave
Not the sea of debt and house of enslavement
So, F
ck you from the bottom of my heart, and if you call me again I’m gonna slap the sh*t out of you
Goodbye forever
explicit language.
Kilam TA Aug 2017
I never want to be your "what if"
I never want my insecurities
to shorten your trajectory
I only want to provide the lift
I never want to be your "maybe"
I never want to be your "yes"
when "no" leads to success
I only want your safety
I never want you to second guess
I only want you to know this
I want you to know you are the best
and I want you to know, I know this
Kilam TA Jul 2017
Questions vacant of desirable answers I don't entertain
But insanity drives my ambition towards these brick walls
because it's always better to attempt to penetrate the impossible
So I develop tools to move mountains
I acquire skills to forecast solar alignment
and strengthen my body to swim through treacherous waters
All, to enjoy life with you
Hopefully one day my efforts will be enough
but even the bravest of soldiers
Can be defeated unshielded from distant arrows
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