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Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Her roar could be heard.
Standing there, vibrant leopard print.
The sun distant behind her.
Her hair a celebration of pink and blue.
Her fist and feet swirl in uninterrupted chant.
The empress of tomorrow.
Without surrender her roar grows louder.
How often she laughs and smiles
Walking down to the ring.
A stripe across her face in raw emotion.
Standing 5'3 she will not be stopped.
Emerging yet again victorious.
A lioness draped in vibrant hue.
Her mask is off.
Inside the ropes there's no place to run, no place to hide.
The empress of tomorrow stares into the rising sun.
Hand rose in victory
Kilam TA Mar 2017
We all have the power as individuals
To confront every injustice
To resist tyranny
So every ember moon
I look to the sky
Prepared for every battle
And fly with those
Who look up for opportunities
And not down at misfortunes
So our fires continue, to burn
Ryan Kane Jul 2014
Another win, another celebration.
Fifteen world championships
That’s inspiration.

But are you ready? For the beast?
Because rumors are swirling
That he’s been released.

Four men are the least of your worries,
Because you’re about to be interrupted
On this golden journey.

You've defeated him once before,
But he is no longer weak.
As he is much stronger
Since he defeated the deadman's streak.

Now he’s coming for you,
And your championship.
It’s not so much another run,
But for the pain he loves to inflict.

So forget Mr. Money in the Bank,
And the four other gladiators.  
Enjoy your title run now, Cena.
Because Brock Lesnar is an annihilator
This poem is about professional wrestler John Cena winning his fifteenth world championship (which is pretty much a big deal) and the obstacles he is rumored to be facing after the next pay per view. I am a HUGE pro wrestling fan and I've been writing a lot of pro wrestling poems lately. I actually don't think this one is that bad.

— The End —