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Puspanjali Sahu Aug 2016
I know
and you also know
the girl
the fair little girl
who was sitting in the back bench
had thrown your confidence
into a scroll
even if
your mother told you
thousand times
you are
her beautiful doll

But the day
you learned to
walk on the street
with heels on
and your dark eyes
got the ability
to throw
the darker smoke around you
into the sky

that day

you showed
and I learned
being fair
is no more require
to set the world
in fire

But one day
surely one day
a darkness, darker than night
will stand before you
and that day
to cross that darkness
and feel the light again
you need to be fair

and remember
your fairness is the only thing
you should care
Your skin complexion may not need to be fair to live a good life but your decisions, your judgements need to be fair
Rae Anne Jul 2016
You think you know me*
*Your assumption's are dire

Just in your world.
Andrew Kerklaan Feb 2016
Let me taste the smouldering ashes of your regret

I want you to feel me burning this time

Just a whiff just will not cut the mustard this day..

I need to know your sorry but not through your words or your actions

I want it to be sewn to my life ****** so I can show the world how I've been wronged.

I need to stumble this time for real, coughing air too intoxicated to breathe and spit blood I know for certainty could not of been my own.

To paralyse this fear in me and finally have something to call my own

This moment

"I wanted to breathe smoke"
it seems the last leaf has fallen
final mast no mend~upon the sea
bread in the cupboard
overcome with white and green

what they could take
they took
has been taken
For the moment, all's been lost  
monetary security's an illusion
the reality of what
procrastination and 
misjudgedment cost

time to tend this abandoned garden
release the focus from myself
this physical plane feels haphazard
time to put fear n' panic
up on the shelf

my poetry speaks my heart
allows me clarity,
humbled by wealth of beauty
knowing I am
Blessed with Strength of Self

~MoonFlower~May 1st 2015~
Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Strength of Self
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Over and over you love to judge.
Genuine at times or due to grudge.

Your approach frank and upfront.
Your judgments brute and blunt.

Judgement on anyone and everyone.
You judge all, you spare none.

O you innocent! if you only knew.
All your judgments will judge you.
Megan H Aug 2014
You would never know
By my silence
And my smile.
That I hate myself
And I hate everyone else, too.

You would never know
By the way he drinks his alcohol
Every night,
That he wakes up early every morning,
To water his daughter's memorial flowers.

You would never know
By the way she laughs at others
That she is afraid.
That one day,
She will receive the laughter.

You would never know
By the exposing clothing she wears
That when she was younger
Her stepfather
Taught her a lesson.

You would never know
By the way he bullies others
That when he goes home
His father,
Bullies him.

You would never know
Just by looking at us,
That we are all messed up.
Everyone has something. Don't judge.
Ellie Geneve May 2014
If you ever feel rejected by perfection,
know that perfection isn't even an invention.

Perfection only exists in the eyes of critics,
in the imagination of teenage girls,

in the harsh judgements of your surrounding,
and in the person you someday wish to become.
Anthony Perry May 2014
Our sanity cannot be measured by words or colorful amounts of profanity because only we can judge the reflection we see. If this is true then why doesn't my image stare back at me? When I look into my eyes I can see I'm chasing myself away, how can I be normal if everything I do or say is perceived with enormous amounts of disregard and negativity that I see only as decay? Its uncanny but I'm sure with each passing day I'll figure out what is really blocking my way.
Shylah S Apr 2014
Or, at least what you might think.
Judgement hurts in too many ways to count.

I stand in the local thrift market
looking for trinkets and such with my father.
He came here to look for vintage picture frames,
to put up on our pastel coloured walls.
He brought me to be a translator,
of his broken english.

I see the looks some give him,
but I am proud of my father.
And mad at how our society works.
Looking at my father you think,
he probably only knows his own mother tongue,
no education,
bad manners,
had lived in poverty before.

But you are wrong.

An Italian man sits by this booth,
selling picture frames.
I point and tell my father, and he walks over.

"How much for frames?"

I taught him how to say that well enough.
The Italian man says fluently,
"$40 a piece,"
but behind it you can hear a faint Italian accent.

My father hears this and his face lights up,
and he replies in Italian,
"Great, but can you lower it to $30. For me, man?"

The man seemed shocked to see a dark-skinned man,
speaks such fluent Italian.
The man got up with a smile on his face,
and told my father,
"Man, I was born in Italy, but you speak it better than me,"

My dad laughed.

Next time you see,
a strange man,
struggling with his english,
stop to think,
he might be able to speak to you in,
German. Italian. French. And in a tiny bit of Spanish.
And of course, his mother tongue.
He might have learned the culinary arts,
in a world-renounced school.
He might be able to do anything.
And he might even be a little more impressive,
than you will ever be.

Judgement hurts.
But all it takes is you to stop it.
Ahmed Usman Apr 2014
I wonder how this world would be
if we somehow learned to see beyond
the shallow meaningless differences
we base our biased judgements on
superficial labels dividing us and them
like who we pray to, where we’re from
who we sleep with, which side we’re on
language and even the color of our skin
how different would our little planet be
if our eyes could only see past these
and uncover the beautiful similarities
of who we all truly are deep within
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