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Puspanjali Sahu Jul 2020
Hold on your thoughts
to go
before time

you want it or not
this time will go

Please wait
Hold on your thoughts
to go

Let the time come
even if the happy you
inside you
don't want
and plead to stay
you have to go

So, please
hold on
hold on....for now
Suicide is a crime
If we can hold ourself through the difficult time we can make our and others life better
Puspanjali Sahu Sep 2018
My umbrella asked me once
why I need her
only when it rains?

Do I love her
or hate the rain?

I couldn't  say her
neither I love her
nor I hate the rain

and the day
my soul could
gather the courage to
walk in the rain
without her

naked love don't need to
suffer again.
I love the rain, perhaps everyone does. Yet we carry umbrellas. I guess we don't need to protect our self from rain, rather we need to protect our expensive belongings. Whether these belongings are restricting us to feel life?  Do we really need these belongings....artificial things and artificial behavior or artificial us?
Puspanjali Sahu Jul 2018
I am going to believe
more in me
than you

each time belief breaks
let it put all blame
on me,
not on you.
Often, we blame others for our failures.  But if we can accept ourself as writer of our own faith, then we can walk on failures.
Puspanjali Sahu Jun 2018
I don't have time
perhaps you also don't have
to do things
our hearts love
once upon a time  

walk through a forest
and breathe the green wind
touch the flowers,
blossomed last spring
soft and kind  

Believe me,
I don't have time
to do such things
because now
my heart belongs to my mind  

But don't know how
whenever there is a fight
between heart and mind,
heart owns every time
Puspanjali Sahu Mar 2018
I know
you had circled today's date
with a dark red chalk
Perhaps, you are  saving bucks
for months
to take her to Paris or Rome  

But let me tell you
she just needs a beautiful home
made up of your smiles
and painted by your soul.
Puspanjali Sahu Dec 2017
Traveled for months
to reach at the coast
though I know
rest in not something
my wings could love for long,

sky is the place
I belong
Puspanjali Sahu Jun 2017
It does not matter
You love or not
you can't stop
changes to change you
because time never seeks
your permission
to pass on  

You know this truth
and so do I
But both you and I
have to learn
to smile at the time
passing by or already passed
to avoid
the ugliest reflection of our face
in the mirror
that both U and I know as
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