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S H Violet Mar 16
I don’t think there’s a day
that I don’t crave to be
the center of your world.
And how if nothing else went right,
it’d still be okay.
And how I hope more than anything,
you will feel the same pull to nothing,
to a black hole that will swallow us up,
turn us into intertwining matter,
and keep us safe amidst the entropy.

And it is now that I realize,
an escape would be out of the question.
S H Violet Mar 9
3,500 miles from here to there is enough to feel, but
not enough for the honeysuckle to grow close.
I could remind you it’s there, and I could
speak of the wonders it brings as it
spirals out, but ultimately It’s too
far to see. And what if it
doesn’t exist
at all?
S H Violet Feb 26
I try to be the best I can-
Accepting change
and letting go.

I try to be the best I can-
By not picking flowers
to let them grow.

I try to be the best I can-
And that’s why when someone
says to walk away from you,

It seems so easy-
Because it’s the right thing
and my mind knows it too.

It seems so easy-
But the pain immobilizes me
into the same **** cycle.

-I deserve better
S H Violet Feb 21
I found the beauty
in your eyes immediately,
but the real blessing
is how it never left.
short lil one
S H Violet Feb 10
I think I’m living in a box,
trying to hide from you.
I don’t like to lie,
but what is true anymore?
I’m sick to my stomach
that you can think of me,
claiming me as yours,
when you didn’t work for anything.

I feel like trash, I feel like dirt.
Watching you take and take,
and just sitting there
with my eyes purposely closed.
I was so lonely, I didn’t know
what it felt like to really be touched.
So I let myself get shut
up inside this way.

You’re like a greedy child

who can’t keep their hands away.
You don’t keep your hands away.
And I feel useless.
Of course I’m one of those.
Of course I don’t leave.
And remember the little girl
who promised she’d never take this?

I see the light from outside,
but he’s not getting any closer.

I don’t have him.
I can’t have him.
S H Violet Feb 10
Can you see me?
I’m standing in the spotlight,
wide smile glowing,
frozen in place.

And how do you feel?
I must make you uncomfortable
being so realistic
and yet so fake.

I stand day after day with
the fluorescent heat constant.
I’m sweating from the pressure,
But you can’t see from far away.

You can shuffle me around
and change my pose,
but my lack of control
gives an offbeat idea.

I know how you feel.
But you don’t know what to do.
So you speed walk away,
avoid the discomfort.

I’m trying so hard
not to be numb.
Waiting for my chance
to change and grow.
S H Violet Feb 7
We are never at rest,
even when we take a moment
to get lost inside ourselves.
We are in orbit.

I’ve done my best
to keep pace with the spin,
adapting to the life
in constant change around me.

One day you came
through the fog I was navigating.
Cold, gray monotony
turning prismatic before me.

Still I knew,
the spin doesn't pause.
I just hope you find a way
to be the thing that lasts.
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