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Sakshi Balla Apr 1
Testing the waters
Dipping and swishing
Drying out the fears
Soaking it all in
Swimming, sometimes
Then waves hitting
Closing me in a box
Full of angst
And reminder
Of what I am looking for
Sakshi Balla Mar 21
And now the world is ending
but you didn't come over, alright.
this is my version of song "if the world of ending" by julia michaels and jp saxe
Sakshi Balla Mar 1
calm, the way you used to talk me out of all my bad dreams
lovely, the way you used to fight my demons
miss you so much now
Sakshi Balla Feb 18
far away
how much am I?
how long will I be gone to catch the winds
home, oh dear home
I long for you
the north I flew
I'll be back soon
don't you stop to miss me wishing at moon
Sakshi Balla Dec 2020
He was a fool
She was foolish
His fool was his pride
Her foolish was  her crazy
The lovely kind
The ecstatic  kind
He was a dreamer
She was a dream,
but not his
never his
For her foolish was for him
and his fool, well he was a fool
Never for her
Never for her...
Sakshi Balla Dec 2020
I will write you a song
not really about us
but the day I lived and you came alive
I will write you a book
not really about you
but the way your eyes say it all
I will write you a new story
and it will be all about ardour
Blissful to bear
Placid, at peace
let's write our song
Sakshi Balla Sep 2020
Trash bin-
I threw them away
My treasure
My passion
My love...
Fantasies of emotions
Illusions of the reality
I abandoned them all
It felt so good and it hurt me so good
With my love written on them
Ripped them from their soul
Crumpled their hearts
And threw them away in the trash bin with fragility apart
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