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Sakshi Balla Jun 9
and said it was  bad luck
to not have a name
I laugh cause its just a guitar
and named Quasar
yet I could strum the emotion to the beat
and it works
it always will
until it has a rythm you spilled
even my guitar misses your songs
Sakshi Balla Nov 2021
It wouldn't matter now, would it?
Anything, anyone
Empty heart with a cluttered brain
Deadlier than the history
Livelier than the memory
I wish and wish if only I could hope
The float of the bubble , nowhere to go
Stuck in a limbo
In the casket , about to dig the grave
Empty, so empty i am, this is vain.
Sakshi Balla Oct 2021
(you know, I'm coming back,
over and over again)
Sakshi Balla Sep 2021
She , the Persephone,
awaited the cold, the ice
Only for the warmth her heart would hold
Sakshi Balla Sep 2021
And then you try to breathe
If there's some air left around
Let it be consumed by me
For I am sinking and just a bit of me is left to live
I cry, and breathe, and then wipe my tears
Cause I can do nothing about it
I have to live with this
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