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Jul 2018
Alacrity bespeaks entangled, entombed,
     and entrapped Thai soccer team
diminishing strength barely allows,
     but a whispered scream,

which rescue against all odds
     (plucked out cavernous catacomb),
     fast becoming a fading dream
vicariously agonizing to see

desperation and lads bravely brace,
     helplessness predominating over initial
     found alive break thru gain
     promising grim destiny slowly doth erase

yet resignation impossible
     to ignore written on every face
despite faux (cracking)
     courageous front,

     now severely testing grace
under underground solid state
     rock geomorphology
     necessitating stepped up pace

to rescue, sans race
against time encroaching threatened space
with predicted mon
     soon meteorologists trace

with laser pointer predict
     ominous incursion cave
at mercy of vulnerable flooding
     worst case scenario, grave

nightmare predicament
     in an attempt to save
youths with barely enough
     strength to smile or wave

downgrading my own fear
being emotionally incommunicado
     during prepubescence
     pretending not to hear

clapping skeletal hands over each ear
to blot out hyper consciousness of glare
ring existence squelching
     feeble effing dare

     sputtering Nietzscheism at every turn
of the (ripped torn) page
airtight barricade against transformation
     into manhood stage

fighting to the death
     foaming at mouth dagger like
     canine teeth savagely
     evincing snarling rage,

no match for reinforced
     rebar invisible cage
holding self hostage,
     not enough money

     to pay hefty ransom,
     thus thine mental health
     compromised, which
     to this day still pay steep wage.
Written by
matthew scott harris  58/M/schwenksville, penna
(58/M/schwenksville, penna)   
     kieran dacey boylan and Cné
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