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copykitten Sep 2019
Putting my hands over my ears
Intent on blocking the world's clamour
Once again alone with you
In this darkness of the voice within
Your sweet existence in my head
Saying 'I love you'
Caressing my name
Singing songs I'll never forget
For once, I just want to get lost
Carried away by things that don't exist
Forever walking in a dreamlike trance
Hand in hand with you
To this fabricated reality of our joint souls
Hallucinations, are you?
Starry Sep 2019
As the
Comes to
It decide to
Into a
Fire ball
Sending out firy
Starry Sep 2019
As the young man
Eats a poppy
Is subjected to
One of which
He sees the charkas
Circle around
A poppy that is spitting out
What the
He says.
Starry Sep 2019
This strange
Sun flower
Turning vibrant colours
And then to
Black and white
I don't know
What I am see
A hallucination.
Starry Sep 2019
As I turn on this vaporwave flower
That is in
Neon I wonder
How to get the picture of it to
Go and work
As i use this flower
As a night light
I read and I
Look at the neon art
In the flower
As i sleep.
Starry Sep 2019
In a sea and mountain of liquid mercury
One of the toxic elements
There on top is a yellowwish
Orangery topazy with
Silver spheres
Problebly baodings of  varying sizes
Is this a dream or did I take my meds
Starry Sep 2019
As the boeing's engines
To fail
Gaint purple butterfly swaps in
To save
The plane
It's passengers
And its crew
From certain
Starry Aug 2019
As I walk
Home from that club
The acid takes effect
And soon
Everything I see is
Pink blue purple and
Is pixelated.
I stagger home
But pass out
The hallucinations were to much.
Starry Aug 2019
As my plane lands at
I find my home town
Air everything pink and purple
Just perfect pink
Just perfect purple
Ottawa has gone vaporwave
Starry Aug 2019
As I sit in my seat
On the 373 I see the clouds turn pink and purple then out of nowhere
I see this forest with the
Big Dipper poking through
The forest roof
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