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Crossing the busiest lane,
I saw her again,
Waving back at me,
Asking me to join her if I was free,
Pleading in her irresistible smile,
It made my heart beat which was fragile.

Jogging my way to the lake,
I saw her again,
Keeping up with my pace,
Trying her best to ace,
But tripping again and again,
Laughing instead of moaning in pain.

Gazing at the stars with wine,
I saw her again,
seated next to me on the cold surface,
Staring at the twinkling with a daze.

Then it dawned on me,
It was my own weak memory,
'Playing' my favorite moments,
'Deleting' the parting torments,
'Pausing' on her pretty beaming,
'Rewinding' all our meetings,
'Reset' button should be somewhere,
But do I want it to be there?
He locked me in his arms,
bringing me to his chest,
kissing my forehead,
pinched on the edge of nose and suddenly disappeared.
-Jumana Afreen
David Acker Jr May 2018
I used to come here and sit
Thinking and writing about life's
It funny how there is more
downs than UPS
More bends that straight aways.
Sometimes I lay awake at night
Wishing I could nightmare about
Experiencing a day more neutral.
Praying that one day my strengths
Will become strong enough
To carry my weaknesses...

Imagine looking up to the heavens
And seeing where the
Sunset first greets the sunrise
And there you would find her smile!!!
There is this place, Emerald Park. It is rately visited by anyone other than bikers passing through. It overlooks the river and houses along the hillside!
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
In the very same emotion that's broken my heart.
I have found smile in the replacement of grief.
Of all things pretty.
Your smile is still one that heals all pain.
As the moment currently stands.
To fully understand your opinion.
For the moment I am open & free.
Perhaps more than I have ever been.
Your smile being saving grace.
The wind against my face in a moment of stillness.
In the very same emotion. Your smile the most beautiful scar I'd ever remember.
Not at all ugly or painful reminder.
But a time I forgave.
Her smile the biggest contributor
Marie Apr 2017
I always loved seeing her smile.
Her smile could make cold hearts melt.
Her smile will make you smile back no matter what's your status.
Her smile, oh her beautiful shiny smile.
But that day, I noticed.
Her smile wasn't reaching her eyes.
Her eyes weren't shining anymore.

And that's when I knew that I lost her.
It might be bad but i felt like writing it
Hashim ZK Jan 2015
Fragile thoughts;
Fractured dream;
Her graceful smile..
And the wounds heal.

— The End —