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Crossing the busiest lane,
I saw her again,
Waving back at me,
Asking me to join her if I was free,
Pleading in her irresistible smile,
It made my heart beat which was fragile.

Jogging my way to the lake,
I saw her again,
Keeping up with my pace,
Trying her best to ace,
But tripping again and again,
Laughing instead of moaning in pain.

Gazing at the stars with wine,
I saw her again,
seated next to me on the cold surface,
Staring at the twinkling with a daze.

Then it dawned on me,
It was my own weak memory,
'Playing' my favorite moments,
'Deleting' the parting torments,
'Pausing' on her pretty beaming,
'Rewinding' all our meetings,
'Reset' button should be somewhere,
But do I want it to be there?
He locked me in his arms,
bringing me to his chest,
kissing my forehead,
pinched on the edge of nose and suddenly disappeared.
-Jumana Afreen
jayant om Feb 2018
Today the cinders caught fire again,
Down the memory lane.
I was back in the days when
Your tinkling anklets,
Caught my attention
Your lowered gaze,
And hint of pink on the cheeks,
Your unfurled hairs,
Held me captive.
Once and all my heart said
Is it the same girl you dreamt of?
I nodded.
Thus the story began with a formal smile
as all the love stories beings.
A few glances, a few smiles,
Strolling on the streets.
You and your spell,
Never allowed me
To get out of it.

How could I think then, you were the wind which never stays, at one point too long.
Like the blowing wind,
You went away, never to come back.
As if you never been in my life.
My love, my feelings all remained unsaid.
O my unrequited love, see
How much special still you are
Just your thoughts are enough to kindle the fire within
The fire has not subdued yet
Never it will be
As it is all about you

— The End —