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Diána Bósa Nov 2017
In this midheaven of demigods.
beneath this semidetached shelter
of semi-manufactured souls.
apart from the half-hearted's dimidiate
the bright-half departs
for dovetailing all of our halves.
Saint Audrey Sep 2017
Nobody likes me now
I don't care
Everybody hates me now
They've got some nerve..
Everybody's looking down
I'm feeling cyclical
What should I do about

These *******

Sin in over abundance
Reality could never change
Sacrifice util it's incumbent
You love the fair exchange

Gauge the metric
By which you judge
The proper usage

Harsher than the light on my keyboard

Often peckish
Killing skeptics
The proper usage
It all falls in the same vein

Forgiveness to a fault line
My god
All I've ever wanted was a new design
Hiding away in the suffering
Fudge the figure for the slumbering

Drab as they may come
Welcome to the whole **** phylum
Encroaching on the underlying theming
And everyone seems confused

I took the world
In my hands
Looked down
Then up again
They all were screaming
About the meaning
Under god
Claiming that they were free men

No resolve left, I stopped listening
Shaine Fraz Sep 2016
Lone star walking roads,
crowbar in hand
cowgirl I'll die for,
I died and I died again,

fluent in 6 country's,
passports-- pardons,
no cargo,
but luggage is a stainless steel flask,

half full,
half way to the moon if you asked me,
Cadillacs in space,
expensive taste that's masked with,
-- the cheap stuff,

inspired souls,
they walk,
and this forsaken path,
they'll never make hell a ***** deed or two from heaven,

counterparts we're equals,
we're lost-- they're my colleagues,
a scandal from remembrance,
remember we followed rules,

no response-- ****,
there's a shift in the rubix cube, 
a memo from the warden,
no weapons in the visit room,

coordinating sin,
a taste of gin the before the see you soons, world was much warm,
before stone replaced the sand dunes,

scoff at the elixir,
cordially she casts stones,
******* of a demon,
crossing ponds is all the child knows,

tales of the fishermen,
who heard it through the corridors,
all and all departed,
with a fear of the other gods,

strictly prohibited,
a swig of the forbidden fruit,
who are you to judge me,
"when you son is not of holy proof,"

wedded to a mortal said your honor,
absence i do's,
abstinence is bliss
and your crime ascends civilian law,

guilty -- you're filthy,
your son will never know your soul,
I know my role and play it well,
Your god never admits he's wrong,

so why would I -- a baby cried,
I'm present for my son's birth,
and leave before an open eye the practice of a perfect curse.
© 2016 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
NewAgeOfAnarchy Feb 2015
Man are demigods, we build as while as destroyed, but we all sadly must die.
2015 copyright Michael Cross

— The End —