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Donna Apr 2018
Looking out window
She saw a magpie walking
along garden fence

******* bags toppled
over trash bin inviting
magpie to feed free

The sun shined brightly
The air luke warm , Daffodils
blossomed everywhere

Her pen nearly out
of ink sits abandon in
a white table ***

Housedust floats in air
Singing silently as life
continues to bloom

She floats on by like
the clouds living amoungst the
happiest of blue skies

Today she blows dry
her hair and wears her favourite
blue frock and flip flocks

And walks on pavements
Where the trees grow green leaves and
squirrels run up trees

Donna Apr 2018
One by one they jumped
off a line pretty blackbirds
landing upon earth

As I stood in my
spaceship the moon is glowing
towards the warm sun

Now threaded with age
I headed towards a hill
Where daffodils bloomed

And there I lie till
the end of time smiling with
my dearest close friends
Not sure on this one but it flowed out like this Tis moments with nature and day to day life x
Donna Mar 2018
The ocean ripples
little kisses to golden
gentle tender shore

Whilst the orange sun
dips behind winter trees where
it glows so lovely

Lamp post stand so still
Like masters of universe
Glowing up at night

And I sit in car
My belly rumbling like
a big volcano

House roofs like lego
Different sizes everywhere
Blocking out the sky

And a crow sits on
aerial listening to
the waves of tv

And I sit down
Around a wooden table
And eat a big feast
Donna Mar 2018
Drinking midnight and
a bottle of stars , I burped
up the universe

Oops burpppp :)
Okay inspired by drinking a Diet Coke :) silly one x
Donna Mar 2018
I cooked some cous cous
and the name made me giggle
It gave me a lisp
:) fun silly ome
Donna Mar 2018
Draped in colourful
curtains I opened up a
window to nature

And there I saw a
Wagtail running amok on
grey winter pavements

Reminding me to
keep smiling inside my mind
Whilst I laughed out loud
Inspired today from seeing a wagtail :)
Donna Mar 2018
The best thing about
painting over grubby walls
They end up pretty
Painting my son's room:)  just love painting walls always inspires me one of my fav inspirations :)
Donna Feb 2018
Time goes on and it
never stops only flashes
of memories live

inside our squidgy
minds where we cannot see our
brain only darkness

where whispers echo
sometimes sweetly sometimes harsh
It's a difficult one

to analyse is
to take up to much precious
time..not worth the try

Lavender travels
around the world together
Leaving a sweet taste

Mountains are climbed high
Achievements are made with warm smiles
Spring comes and then goes

Leopards gallop fast
Faster than summer breeze but
not faster then time

Time is clever and
time knows this , yet it never
listens to wishes

So in this big world
We live it the best we can
With strength love and smiles
Donna Feb 2018
I see a balloon fly
To a party in the sky
Oh my..there all high
Donna Feb 2018
I washed up dishes
The fishes blew some bubbles
Magic is so fun :)
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