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Donna Oct 2018
One Sunday morning
I went to a bootsale and bought
a big fat burger

*** it was
the best hangover food I’ve
ever tasted and

it made my belly
smile too and when I ran my
belly laughed out well loud!

Tis fun you know when
I spend quality time
with my family

Memories are made
and saved for a rainy day
Tis like my own film :)
:) family time this weekend as been super lovely x
Donna Jun 2018
Once upon time
there was a shampoo bottle
called Miss Strawberry

All day long she sat
on edge of bath just staring
at washed out tiles

Then one day when she
woke up she notice a white
bottle of shampoo

Hi there strawberry
I'm a conditioner , my
name is Coconut

Together they laughed
and made bubbles and even
had fun foam parties

They both loved water
Sometimes there slide down plug hole
Into a tunnel

Then they went splish splash
into the drain , but really
it's a water park

full of slides and fun
tunnels , lots of drain people
lived down there too , there

was a shaver called
Razors , he was like a dog
And barked all day long!!

And lots of hair dudes
and hair women , they carried
a net to catch hair

to make more hairy
people , they all supervised
the fun water park

Strawberry blew fun
bubbles whilst coconut made chilled out smoothie drinks

When the day came to
an end , strawberry went to sleep
feeling neatly sweet

And as for Mr
Coconut he hula danced
and sang lovely songs

to cheer up Edith
the tap , who cried every night
But by morning light

her tears had dried up :-))
I was inspired with little story I cleaned bathroom today and my imagination had fun and I just let it all go and it was fun x ;, hope u all well and thank u to those who sent me lovely messages I so appreciate very much <3
It's hard to stay away from hp as I love to write but this one got the better of me as it was fun fun fun  , have  lovely weekend all <3 x
Donna May 2018
Her name was Cabbage
White , she flew happily in
springs warm arrival

She liked to give hope
Especially if you felt sad
She'd flutter near by

You couldn't but help
notice her , even from the
corner of your eyes

She'd wait for your smile
Then she d fly away happy
Her  job had been done!

She loved her job , to
make people happy , but she
only had a short time

Through autumn and cold
winter she worked secretly
on people's wishes

She knew she couldn't
make all wishes come true that's
why she loved spring time

At least she could make
people smile if only for
a moment of time

If you see Cabbage
White fluttering in the sky
Give her a smile please :)
Inspired by springs lovely butterflies :))
Thank u all for leaving lovely comments on my poetry Tis so appreciated , life been hectic at the mo so will catch up when I can ** love to u all <3
Donna May 2018
A perfect long line
Between the sky and ocean
but life's not perfect

What is darkness , it
ends up becoming part
of everyday life

When your tears well up
You blink quickly to dry them
The feeling passes

The word beautiful
There is no other word to
explain beautiful

Once you accept the
darkness it than becames light
It's always half way

Just like the ocean
The waves always back and forth
Pebbles than build up

Donna Apr 2018
Looking out window
She saw a magpie walking
along garden fence

******* bags toppled
over trash bin inviting
magpie to feed free

The sun shined brightly
The air luke warm , Daffodils
blossomed everywhere

Her pen nearly out
of ink sits abandon in
a white table ***

Housedust floats in air
Singing silently as life
continues to bloom

She floats on by like
the clouds living amoungst the
happiest of blue skies

Today she blows dry
her hair and wears her favourite
blue frock and flip flocks

And walks on pavements
Where the trees grow green leaves and
squirrels run up trees

Donna Apr 2018
One by one they jumped
off a line pretty blackbirds
landing upon earth

As I stood in my
spaceship the moon is glowing
towards the warm sun

Now threaded with age
I headed towards a hill
Where daffodils bloomed

And there I lie till
the end of time smiling with
my dearest close friends
Not sure on this one but it flowed out like this Tis moments with nature and day to day life x
Donna Mar 2018
The ocean ripples
little kisses to golden
gentle tender shore

Whilst the orange sun
dips behind winter trees where
it glows so lovely

Lamp post stand so still
Like masters of universe
Glowing up at night

And I sit in car
My belly rumbling like
a big volcano

House roofs like lego
Different sizes everywhere
Blocking out the sky

And a crow sits on
aerial listening to
the waves of tv

And I sit down
Around a wooden table
And eat a big feast
Donna Mar 2018
Drinking midnight and
a bottle of stars , I burped
up the universe

Oops burpppp :)
Okay inspired by drinking a Diet Coke :) silly one x
Donna Mar 2018
A door is missing
People just walk in and out
Just like spring flowers
This is actually inspired by my living room as it as no door :) ftis funny what goes through the mind x
Donna Mar 2018
I cooked some cous cous
and the name made me giggle
It gave me a lisp
:) fun silly ome
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