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belbere Apr 2
what a wicked thing i was.
i turned back, anyway.

the devil i dealt with 
wasn’t a devil at all,
it called itself her fate,
took my place by her side
and told her it was time to go, 
everyone was waiting 
down below,

the devil she dealt with 
wasn’t a devil at all, 
i called myself her lover, 
and she loved me in kind, 
and when she’d gone
i couldn’t understand
why she’d leave me behind,

if nothing else
i had to see her
one last time,

the devil we dealt with 
wasn’t a devil at all,
it called itself inevitable
yet decided to let us go,
said it would see us again
one day, together 
down below,

i didn’t think to ask her
what she wanted,
if the hands of fate
were warmer than my own. 
if i had kept on looking forward, 
maybe i would know.

what a wicked thing i was. 
i turned back, anyway. 

                                                       ­                                       "was she upset?"

i couldn’t say. 
she smiled the whole time,
and when she disappeared
it was all she left behind.
if orpheus and eurydice was a lesbian tragedy
fray narte Nov 2020
the scent of sorrow, hanging in the air
rotting away what's left of this skin.
wrists — sewn shut
are wrists undone:
the morbidity of it all pervades —
this i confess.

look not. turn not, for
each careful stare, each scornful gaze
has me falling back into darkness;
maybe eurydice has found comfort in its arms.
maybe so have i.

maybe this is how it's always meant to end.

lately, sunsets no longer melt
into an afterglow —
they just turn into the night.
at least it dims
the futility of drawing each shallow breath
from places filled with smoke and dust;

there used to be something there:
this, i confess.
this, i remember.

there used to be something there.

there used to be something h e r e.

— fray // november, must you be so cruel to my trembling hands left with no heart to break?
Authentic Rose Aug 2020
river flowing from those eyes,
euridyce bitten by the serpent,
died from suffering pain.
–Authentic Rose © 2020
alexis Jul 2020
if i disappeared
would i become like echo?
the words on my tongue
fading into the wind,
my spoken words echoing around me
as i’m hallowed out by the silence.

if i disappeared
would i become like eurydice?
my ghost lingering behind my husband
who reaches the light with me not far behind;
only to turn and **** me.

if i disappeared
would i be come like icarus?
too stubborn and
in love with the sun-  
only to meet my fate into a watery grave.

—— if i disappeared would i too become a story? // a.
26. julliet 2020
9:40 am
Soloy Jun 2020
I submerge myself in the sea.
Whens't destiny can't find me.
Freezing silence surrounds my being
I enveloped the abyss; darkness.
Where I feel strangely at peace.
                                                          ­                                   Detached  
from the world.

My eyelids                                                          ­       loosening its grip,
it stings as the darkness seeps in the windows             to my soul

My lungs                                                            ­       tightening its hold
                                                           ­                                    to my heart
  as it beats with indefatigable yearn to live.                                       

My brain                                                            ­                  distorted      
from the lack of oxygen fighting against my                    instincts  
to breathe    

        i        start                                        ­                            hallucinating
                  in       the                         distance                                
      i         glimpse       a     phantom      of   her                                          

I    open    my  eyes    desiderate     for                                light
the                                                             ­                              darkness    
gushes         in       ;  I    fight                                       
To capture one last sight
I need more light
One last breath

to                                                       ­                                     Reunite ,
This piece is dedicated to Cheah Shun. Thank you for coming up with the idea. This piece is better viewed on landscape mode if you're using your phone as the formatting messes up in vertical view.
schuyler Mar 2020
look at green girl, over there.
why do you call her green girl
when everything blue and white is about her?
well, she cries like rain,
her mind awhirl.

can't you see? not a girl,
the painter's brush blurs, and that is a woman of the sea.
does she leave like orpheus?
no... she stays like eurydice.
Anya Mar 2020
You saw it as I did, clear as day:
Orpheus, with his heart on display
Raising his golden voice as if to pray
That Hades would not make his lover stay.

I saw it as you did, on that stage,
Eurydice opposing Hades' rage,
Rallying the dead-eyed workers to engage,
A songbird trying to break free from her cage.

We watched it unfold before our eyes:
Hades penned that fateful compromise,
Persephone, her arms raised to the skies,
Hermes already fearing their demise.

And in those final moments, I was sure
As lovers faced each other on death's door
And went their separate ways to love no more
That I'd never loved you so much before.
Orpheus has Eurydice.
And I ask you,
Will you be that for me?

Together, we can feel.
We don't have to be a myth,
It can be real.
I'd walk to Hadestown and back for you, mon amour.
Mon hippocampe,
Donne-moi juste deux minutes
Le temps que je te vaccine
De ma machette
Le temps que je chante ma diane :
La la la la la la la la la lo lé lo la !
La la la la la la la la la lo lé lo la !
Je psalmodie
Un, deux,
Un, deux, trois...
Un, deux,
Un, deux, trois...
J'offre cette rumba à la santé de nos petites morts
De ces petites morts
Qui nous précèdent, nous suivent et nous hantent.
Au son des trois tambours de la rumba
Tu chantes faite bouteille de rhum
Et je te réponds en choeur cuillère et verre vide.
A la première reprise, chassée croisée,
Tu chantes le thème
A la deuxième reprise, mollets cambrés,
Je chante aussi couteau et toi assiette.
A la troisième reprise,
Moi, rayon de lune de lune,
Toi, croissant de soleil,
Frappons des mains à l'unisson
Communions avec nos morts sur l'aire de danse
Qu'ont foulée leurs chevaux de possession
Qui nous tiennent encore en bride
Et contiennent nos ombres.

Je me présente : Orphée
Je bombe le torse et je te dévisage
Tu te présentes : Eurydice
Tu te déhanches avec malice et tu me toises.
Un, deux,
Un, deux, trois...
Un, deux, trois,
Un, deux...
Mélangeons les syncopes,
Pervertissons la parade,
Convoquons un nouveau rituel,
Désarticulons la chorégraphie,
Nos corps interchangeables fusionnent
En une seule ombre :
Tu m'aguiches,
Je trémousse des épaules,
Tu m'habilles et déshabilles de tes passes,
Et je te chevauche de mon foulard écarlate en miroir inversé.
Viens en marchant
Dansons, marchons,
Suivons la clave
Vêtus de blanc
Gratifions nos petites morts d'une rumba
Plions, élevons, sautons, cabriolons
Retombons, tortillons, détortillons
Cambre le dos que je me déhanche !

Entre postures et figures
Improvisons, rusons, sautons-matons
Dans le chaud tempo
Des trois tambours de la rumba.
Et si je te vaccine
A l'improviste
Dérobe-toi, esquive-toi, nargue-moi
Pour que nos petites morts applaudissent à tout rompre
Leurs virtuoses
Et tortillent elles aussi du croupion .
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