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Tai Roberts May 2
If I could turn back towards yesterday,
I'd walk down the road of our childhood,
And perhaps not be so desperate to reach the next town.

Before, the years had whispered quietly, "Growing old is not a game,"
But amidst the secret paintings of sunrises and stars,
We were not able to translate the message.

And all that I am capable of doing now,
Is bowing my head in shallow commemoration,
To all that we once were, and all that we tried too hard to become.

So friend, I pray for you and for what we did not savour,
It seems that years of innocence have stranded us,
Between feeling too much, and too little.

As the curtain opens and our second act begins, we part,
For you and your ship have set forth on a voyage towards forever,
And I am left standing alone upon the sands of youth.
daphne Feb 21
little balerina
glides gracefully with ease
the soles of her feet bleed
but her smile aimed to please

little balerina
each twirl immortalized her
prancing around me like magic
everything she does is a blur

little balerina
i can see her smile wavering
as she dances with such splendour
around a truth she's been denying

little ballerina
such a beautiful form of art
but it's time she accepted now
an end that broke her heart
inspired by an old picture of my grandmother in her tutu and a wide, toothless smile
Sombro Mar 2020
Kiss me with deflating lips
Beach body beached on my mind
Fated errors in our minds rejoice
At distance confirmed and hammered in

To lift a veil and see the wolf
Corrugated eyes blend with the sea
Of unthought masses watching TV
Of the dark road, the foreign path

It's hopeless when your sleep
Loses its pull, its fire to be
What happens when legends draw their maps
And don't mark the road you knew they'd make?

I know I'm too young to feel this desperate
Never found the days that would keep the nights warm
Never saw the glint to the Tigers bite
Never saw the moon above the wave

Too old is an expression lost on eyes
Glassy for timebomb putty
Artists weary become manufacturers
When ignored, when declined

Beach body, that's what I had, a belief in clicky thoughts
Understanding caved in to knowing
And knowing fell to fact,

I've built my way, carved in gritty stone
That as sand my footstep knows
I'll crawl forward, step by slip
And follow the path up till the ahead.
A word on creation, and on walking paths that are aging
Francie Lynch Nov 2019
We don't know our Best Before Date,
And that's a good thing.
But if you're in the Dairy Section,
Fire on all udders,
Don't kowtow to bullies.
Remember, the herd has your back.

If you find yourself in Produce,
Then produce;
Don't be content being
A pea in a pod.

There are the cereal killers,
Using wry wit,
And Rye Not.
Many are marbled and flat,
But not us,
We're Christmas Cake,
We Endure.

ME, I'm in the Meat section,
An offering of flesh and smoke
On the BBQ altar of rendering.

Yes, we have a definite shelf life,
Growing stale, curling at the sides,
Drying out,
Souring and curdling
Till our expiration date.
John H Dillinger Aug 2019
"No, Stop!"
I cry, for the first time
nature is trying to change
into an ugly old man
hair here there and everywhere
tired eyes
Alas, my mind wants to go on
and its a price
we all pay
so get ******* on with it
I'm having a tweezers day.
father awakened

beckoned by bathroom in night

his death approaching like headlights in


in cars he careened into cornfields so

long ago

in women he obsessed over

poured over while rolling tea

in records he flips through


suffering alone, retracting into song

crucifix still hung over his jaded bedpost

lotion still sits on by his bed

where he lay debased and tempted

by nothing

while his house breaths fissures

and crumbles

where his legacy sits truncated and dusted

in books of song

carpet collecting impressionistic stains

stove top counting days with soot

medicine cabinet reminds of his frivolous


when he was foolish and paid bills

before he was afraid to climb his creaking


before he delivered flowers to the funeral


before the acetaminophen ate his soul
Darryl M May 2019
Not everything about you and I has to be always perfect.
Not all of your secrets have to be on the open.
Such takes time.
We don’t need a favourite song.
Favourite dish.
Favourite TV show.
We just need each other.
We need our Love kept in place.

Is it fear to fear the fears of the unknown?
What you and I have for each other is unknown.
At least we have each other.
At least we know one another.

Facts of this World remain hidden.
At least I’ve got you to reveal.
As a beautiful bride is unveiled, so is your love in my heart.

I love you now as my skin carries me.
I’ll love you till I carry my skin.
Let’s grow old together.
K Wolff Nov 2018
I heard it once, spoken, in a hushed tone-
Was I awake to hear these words?
Was i in company or was i alone,
To listen to these words in that hushed tone?

"Do not go silently into the night"

Those words ate into an innocuous soul -
From the time I was young, to the time i was old
Those words lingered with a tenacious hold

I misspent time and felt so much pain
Life felt less the blessing and more a bane
I trudged endless lonely roads
And witnessed relations form and corrode

I existed to exist - obligated to survive
No star of any story, no one to thrive
I was the one who was seen yet unseen
Just another cog functioning in a machine

My words were heard but never heard
My future as futile as my spoken word
Silence fell upon healthy ears
Silence - the one thing we all fear
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