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Autumn Sky Sep 2020
It’s ok to be girly; it’s ok to like pink.

It’s ok to be a princess; and yes I can think.

It’s ok to be ladylike; I can still fight.

No I don’t want to burp; and yes that’s alright.

We are all slaves; slaves to the system.

You want seats in the boardrooms and you want higher pay.

What life is a boardroom?

Can money buy joy?

Smash the system that binds us; stop fighting the men. They are slaves too, so stop blaming them.
I wrote this because I feel modern feminism is outdated and divisive. We need to shift to equality and humanism. Capitalism is the root cause of evil, we can’t make real change within this system.
Hello Daisies Apr 2019
Cotton candy plush
Glossed lips crushed
Yours against mine
Colors redder then wine

Smooth tanned skin
Winter pale with sin
Beatiful mixture
Paints a vintage picture

Italian herbs blended
White roses bedded
Refreshing to the soul
Letting me grow

Foggy afternoons
Blowing up like balloons
I need to see clearly
I need this so very dearly
LCP Nov 2018
I love wearing dresses
I love the color pink
I love flower bouquets  

I’m also in love with a girl

I’m a sucker for sweets
Lipstick and mascara
I’m all about bubblegum kisses

Soft and cuddly
Fingers intertwined
Blankets and body heat

Perfume and her hair
Her warm embrace  
As I’m surrounded by her arms
Being feminine but also being with a girl can be a bit complicated to the general public it seems.
Pyrrha Oct 2018
Sometimes I wish I was like other girls
That I was able to do hair and makeup
That I could understand shoes and acrylics
Instead I read, write, and learn
I can write poetry and short stories
I can understand foreign languages and cultures
Still I feel like I am lacking
Something I was born to know
I'm a girl
So why don't those girlish things
Come to me as easy as breathing
Other girls learn them like its riding a bike
To me it's like trying to solve an algebraic equation
And its well known I hate math
It's simply a language I do not speak
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
All he Oh! Ee-ee easy-does-it
Swift mastery_Crazy-has - its
shape me-energy love form
True witness philosophy
Silently neck to neck sadness
her pearls split pulled
her down into poverty

The emergency, madness
the young ones or wild ones
fertility all pearls majesty
of greatness
innocently, existentially
Her down-side persistently
lift divinely hands Manly-lovely

        (Pearl jewelry box)
His swift moves love ecstasy
My swift lift any of so many
True Fox another Lift- to see
Eyes to his left territory his turf

He is the lefty so pearly for her
So cultured girly pearly
Those were the days dosing off
My friends all daisy
*    _    _    _ *  _    _    _    

What a phaseout/ lazy fuse
But perk me up pink pearls
of white
His swift moves took a day off
Trying so hard to be polite
Hands work into tandem
Her rhythm Pearly  kingdom
She chopped him
like chop suey
Her skin on the bread rise
All floured white specks

Pearly spa cream perfect
Facelift Eeey foggy day in
London pearly glow
rainy town

Everything turned like a
A cafe without the group
Well cultured Dowop
The pearl paint swirl crop
The heroes and beloved
In the Holy Land

Come to me casual softly
spoken lend me your hand
pearly gloves
The pearl potential
the feeling mutual
Fitting and tasseled roped
into the musical
Swift flowing hair's no rings
to the back of our chairs

The darkness of the lover  
The black/gray pearls two pairs
Spiritual mundane existence
Karmic cycle her game portal
Spiritual plan of ritual

Eating pearl white chocolate morsels

The Steam, dream, in between,
Fundamental not comical
Something in the way she knows
Not really superhuman star how
it faded or belated feel be traded
She submerged beyond mortal

In her Galley cooking up
French cream sauce how
it sparkled Eeey milky
Ms. Mallery was pearlized
so traumatized so sulky
by his presence

Hides her pearl key-note
In her swift lift
(Artsy Gallery)
His face blended into the
pearl all framed

All the pearly Wedgewood
plates looking glass
world gates
Pearly cream color stage duet
To the sun pearly necklace
Cost her a delicate cream neck
Her Spa Tra  he hands her la la
Eeey milky honey smile
Hot MaMa
pearly text me trail

Her emails mount Fuji
Her striking pearls got to his heart
The film hum yum bite
The pearl jam flew
The big show nibble
Her bible she felt gullible
The words deepened ******
But the soft low key
Key lime mixed with coconut
So swiftly swirled vanilla sky
sold her photograph
and chinchilla

The Seashell cottage her
footprints 'Pearl Rock" band

She was devoted to him truly
Pearl pledge was our duty
Swiftly mixed the marbelized
white/cream floor loved
and cared for protected
The Dr. pearl met Melody
Money like commodity
The patients pearled better care

With her  Moms, pearls mixing twirls
On his trimming suits cuffs of pearls
She was the pies smile every day
Swift honey eyes Winnie the Pooh

But more adult Eeeey truly I love you
Her silken strand's tightrope loop
Her power pearl British Colony
of Hong Kong exile

Morning draped dawn
The Chelsea ride of dusk
  Her favorite hint of
(Pearl Rose)
The musk elephant pearls
on his tusk
High up her pearly stocking,
Like her pride, was rocking
he took out the joy of her gift

The writing clause feathered
pearl drops the pen took her
dream away like a truce
The Gods know they love
The Gleam through her
Left a strand of her starry
eyes of pearls were shut closed
So swift or we feel we cannot move into something right. Whether in the daylights or night its a culture of things to come in love form or necklace we must face the beauty or have more love tolerance change the duty
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Tomorrow is a new day unwritten

The next page of           my           own book of life

As I hold up my ink pen,                            you meet me there?

At the midpoint betwixt                  lumen days and umbra nights

As the world is itself,                                 made of evenfall rides into

the veil of grey.                                         Let the songs sing high,

and sorrow sing                                         low but be so sweet

that I'll feel                                           you in my soul

I await you on                                       the  bridge,

Kissing-sweet                                so come
and meet me                          there
This poem is based on a dream I had.
I guess reading a romance fanfic of one of my OTPs before bed paid off!
Thanks everyone so much for the kindness and the support!

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Constantine Jun 2018
So fast
i waited for you for so long
once you were finally within reach i sprinted for the chance to love you the way i always wanted to
this shower of affection was all too much for a recently broken
i hope she actually loved me, it felt like it was real
but the way she left me without even a word
screams that she never cared at all
April Jean May 2018
Honey, your perfect...
Eyes dark and perfectly brown, though brown is a basic word.

Your eyes are a whirl,
of golden dreams and chocolaty sweets.
Takes away my breath, when our eyes finally meet.

They say yours are bland, with no future or life plans,
but babe, I see right through that.

Thoughtful, intelligence. You cast a deep warning glance.
I knew you'd hear

Eyes deep, glowing, a golden night sky.
Wisdom older than your age. Darling can't you see?
Step out of your cage!

Your perfect. Eyes will glisten, all heads will turn to listen, when my brown eyed babe, takes to stage.

Show them who you are, calm in a world of rage...

This is to you, my brown eyed babe.
brown eyes are so underrated. The true perfection within is breathtaking! Just a lil note to all the brown eyed babes out there, you are beautiful!
Jane Bell Feb 2016
Now there is a thing called
"left and right side brain" dominance
Left side being an organized filter of OCD,
And the right side being very scattered and street smart
But I am 100% completely 50% of each side of the brain exactly
with certain times in my life
I am very OCD
hence the perfect placement of the bubble open the sheet of bubble rap
But with life,
I want to be an event planner,
book writer,
airplane attendant,
anything special
hence the way this bubble wrap has many uses
I do take it as my purpose in life to protect and care for others
So throw me around,
put me in a box,
step on me,
wether im here for your amusement or for comforting reasons,
I'll take great pride in being used by you
For that is how my anxiety has consumed me
I. Am. Bubble wrap.
Yay, I'm finished. I care about you. DM me anytime. Xoxo-Jane
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