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Traci Sims Apr 1
Your words flashed
And my skin turned to cinders.
But I heard rain outside,
And put on my flippers,
Diving deep down,
Into the nearest puddle,
Your face turned liquid
As I seek absolution.
Bad argument with a good friend.
Traci Sims Jan 8
A call to rebel
From the top, is no call.
It is sedition.
I have not had time to get out a proper poem expressing my horror over the events of yesterday in Washington, D.C. I have read the "freedom fighters" justification for their actions. They need to simply look up three words: "Sedition"
Only then will they understand what they really did.
Let us not forget this, America.
Traci Sims Dec 2020
Life can be like the Sahara in August
When water becomes an urgent issue
And the oasis is another day away...
Traci Sims Dec 2020
The year is now done.
I say with sincerity:
"**** 2020".
Traci Sims Dec 2020
I am a human squirrel
snugged away in my seventh floor cave.
Gazing out over the leafless trees
I watch the sky slowly turn scarlet and purple
As early evening steals over the city.
As I sip my hot chocolate,
I smile with bone-deep satisfaction--
The chicken is roasting,
The rice bubbles away merrily in its cooker,
Winter is here.
And my home smells good.
There's no place like home.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
Five people only
I have one wife, four children...
One child eats outside.
A gentle joke shared between me and one of my Afghani coworkers.
Traci Sims Nov 2020
He drove up from Federal Way
South of Seattle.
I did not ask him.
But he did it anyway.
His intent is to be"my future husband".
I should be ecstatic.
I do not want it.
But he wants it anyway.
I would be his dream wife.
How lucky I would be!
If only I'd stop thinking.
I disagree with him.
But I don't matter anyway.
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