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KAE Nov 5
I’m a queen
I’m strong
I’m independent
I don’t need of someone. I don’t need of anyone
I have confidence
I’m mature
I love myself
I don’t need a men. For nothing. Neither to protect me or love me
If someone tells me that I can’t do something, I’ll prove them wrong

I will raise to my throne like a dancing fire to take my crown to my top
I’ll make people respect me like they’d singing a chorus of song
I will be fear and I will be soft
But the most important of all
I will be a priority. I will be listened. I will take care of myself. I will love me like a king loves his queen.
I will raise from this hole of darkness to see the light again to take what is mine back
I’m the wolf that will never bow down to a men because I only bow down to this raising queen
KAE Oct 26
oh darling...
whenever you feel down, out of yourself, or even, if you feel that you can't with the situation, because you are not feeling strong enough...

use your Wildcard.

you don't have different personalities for nothing, don't you know?
when you are feeling negative, we are the replacement.
you didn't build another you for nothing, too.

don't be fooled, love. we are the devil in disguise.
reminder: use your Wildcard.
KAE Jul 10
today. I just discovered that my personalities can manipulate me on my dreams.

they tell me what to do and I obey them. without complain, saying (nothing). I just act.

and they like that. K enjoys it.

they can talk to me on those dreams, is like a lot of voices in my mind
KAE Feb 7
doctor sleep
let me dream
take me into a nice trip
where my soul can Rest In Peace
and my body can take vanish issue pills
the little kitten sleeps in my bed showing my funeral part
there’s no more time for headaches
there’s no more time for  nightmares
let me rest equally, peacefully, lovely with no darkness and full of brightness

KAE Oct 2019
I used to breathe you (in)
now I’m breath you (out)
I'm throwing you out
KAE Jun 2019
he didn’t born being mean
he didn’t born being a monster
it’s just that nobody gave him love
KAE Apr 2019
he perfectly knew when my body was possessed by the twins.
he could identified them in an magnificent way.
he said “your eyes are darker when you are K, you change. you are savage, manipulator, dangerous, careless. the devil”
he also said “your eyes are brighter when you are E, you are another person. you are care-loving, sweet. an angel”
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