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KAE Jan 18
Fury running through all my veins.
Fire goes through every part and centimeter of my body.

Fury and fire sweep through my whole being, soul and spirit. They destroy everything in their path, as if they were a hurricane.

They consume me. They take over me. They take control over me because I can not control them, they are stronger than a thousand demons.

I feel like I become a beast while fire and fury grow inside me.

A beast thirsting for hatred, revenge, with a huge pleasure to destroy everything around her.

They can not break free and I lose control.
Because of that, fire and fury are trapped in my skin and in my bones
KAE Jan 11
your eyes and heart say that you love me
your mouth say that you don’t
KAE Dec 2018
you hate what the other people done to you, right? so, stop ******* doing it to the people that you love because they don't deserve that bad treatments that the others has given to you
KAE Dec 2018
Dear Elena

dear Elena, do not give your heart to anyone. not everyone deserves it
dear Elena, keep your heart and your most beautiful feelings for the indicated or someone worthwhile
dear Elena, hide your purity
dear Elena, take care of yourself. Nobody breaks you, no one breaks your purest feelings
dear Elena, be careful in this ***** world, beware of these twisted people
KAE Oct 2018
In your arms I feel safe
In your arms I feel no pain, no suffer
In your arms I feel warm
In your arms I feel no insecurities
In your arms I feel loved
In your arms I feel no fear
In your arms I feel that everything’s is okay
When I am in your arms I feel that you are like a magic pill because you can vanish all the pain, all the suffer, all my fears, all my demons, all my insecurities.
You are magical.
KAE Oct 2018
somebody pray for me before it’s too late for me
these demons still chasing me
but angels, they stay with me
they wait for me faithfully
when I fall into the dark, they awaken me
they view ****** as beauty mistakenly
KAE Sep 2018
At 05:26am, you sent me drunk texts.
You said that you still loving me, you miss me like a crazy and you need me, you told me all that things that you used to tell me.

Then, we started to talk.
It was beautiful, like before.
You said that the next day, you’ll come to my home to talk about us and try to fix things and be what we were.

We did it.
Yesterday, you came to my home.
We talked about us.
You said that you want to fix things with me, you said that you want me back, you said that you want us back. Me too.

And now, we are trying to be what we were.
We are back together.

I got everything that I had before.
You. Specially, you.
My life is perfect, complete.
I have my other two best friends.
I got you back.
My family is doing good.
Everything is as before. Everything is perfect again.
We are back, together again.
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