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Atheists who believe in evolution
For example, evolution
Satan worship
For example, Darwin

My neighbor Will
Who manipulated me into bad Pokemon trades
Witchcraft, for example, Atheism
Women’s sexualized Halloween costumes

Sexualized women, for example bikinis
Cussing, which is prostitution of the spirit
*** with someone other than your spouse
*** before marriage
Pictures of ***
The word “****”

The Ancient Greeks, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Romans, who rejected Jesus
The Ancient Jews who rejected Jesus
(The **** Pharisees who rejected Jesus via ******)
The Ancient Samaritans, who rejected Jesus
Except one; that guy’s all good

The Ancient Babylonians, who would’ve rejected Jesus
Marrying a non-Christian
Helping your Atheist spouse to cuss or ******
Not forgiving someone
Gollum, for several reasons

Not praying
Praying to Mary
Praying to Allah
Praying to Baal
Child sacrifice
Saying  “Just water please” but then getting pop

Bill Clinton, who did all that
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