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Gabriel Nov 2019
Let me take you there
to the place you felt peace
Where you can rest your heart
and to share your vows

With every step we take
My heart finally realized
what my eyes cannot see
That you were once mine
But will forever be his
To every broken dreams
Poetic T Feb 2019
Love is breath
                         that can be either kept in

or slowly exhales
till all that is left
           is a moment gasping
                         for what was before.

if we can only hold our breath
                                    so many times,

Lets hope we can keep one in
                                  long enough
                        to last a life time.
misha Nov 2018
feeling so cold,
you said you
want to
but you
tell nobody
else that you're
on the low

feeling so cold,
you're scared
of being alone
but when was
the last time
you let
someone home?
make some room for me because i'm gonna come in and spread some sunshine
AR Jan 2018
I spoke to the moon and she spoke to me,
She complained about the sun as i complained about u,
She complained of their differences him being gold her being grey,
I too complained about me and u how i tried to be red when you were always blue,
And just like me and u they never saw each other too,
She said he was always late and he left a little bit early too,
Darling don't u see the story of the sun and the moon is the story of me and u.
Blah blah Apr 2017
Why is it you never leave my mind? Why are you always there, in every thought,  in every phrase?  Why don't you stop pinging me? Each and Every second i wonder about you. I think of you. I miss you and i love you.
I no longer hope for you to love me. For there's no reason to me. If I were you maybe i wouldn't have loved me too. But every night i dream of a life with you, no matter how much pain it gives, but i love every moment of it. When reality tortures me, i look for a home in my dreams.
I love you. I can say it a thousand of times,  and it still wont be enough to tell you how much i love you. I may write hundreds of poetries and it still won't be able to tell you my feelings for you. After every write up i realise there's still a lot more to say. Maybe it will take lifetime to tell you for how much i love you.
No matter how many times i say i love you, once or twice (tho i love repeating this little sentence over and over) , I say it to remind you there's someone who loves you a lot. I never say to hear it back, i say it because i want to make sure you know.
I know you don't feel the same. Its ohkey. You don't need to reciprocate the love. You just need to keep the love i give you. You just need to be happy and smiling always.
I never planned on this, and then i realise why the unexpected things makes the best moments. And why the most unexpected persons in your life means the most to you. ♥
I Can't t possibly think of a moment where i don't love him. Even if i am angry i love him. Even if i cry i love him. In every dream i love him. There's no reason to unlove him. Feels like my love was made for him. And him only. ♥
thehiddenwriter Aug 2016
why did you came when all you wanted was to leave ,
I know I wasn't perfect,
I know I wasn't normal.

I loved you,
I gave you my heart ,
All you did was leave me alone in this materialistic world .

I changed ,
I cared ,
All I wanted was to see that free smile of yours that i was unable to copy.
Anshula Nema Jan 2016
For the first time,
When I saw her,
I don't know what her expression was,
All I knew was,
I was alive in a new world.

With tiny little fingers I touched her face,
And her soft lips pressed against my forehead.

And I for the very first time felt safe,
And secured in her arms.

I was growing everyday,
From a day old baby to an older one.

She was,
The first one to hear my voice,
Giggles, laughter and the cry,
The one who used to have sleepless nights,
The one who taught me to take the very first step,
The one who took care of me better  than anyone else.

The conversations we had,
We're less of words,
Yet more of understanding,
She understood me,
Without me explaining.

Time was taking a swing,
And she had been watching,
Watching me grow,
Watching me learn,
Watching me rise,
And yes, watching me fall.

Falling, for me, was a big deal,
Yet she was the one to make me rise  for once and for all.

The little arguments,
Her scoldings,
Her love,
Her smile
The little teamwork we did,
Were the most of which I enjoyed.

For me,
She was my world,
And her arms were the boundaries where I would lie.

This little angel grew up way too fast,
For her to realise.
This bond which I share with her,
Is on a never ending journey!
No matter how old I would grow,
No matter how much a mess I am,
Yet the one person,
Whom I would always call upon,
Would forever be *
She is the world to me, and I ain't losing her at any cost.
M Crux Alexander Jul 2015
You are mine
until the end of time
I will boldly cheat Death
in this eternal love crime

PrttyBrd Mar 2015
Time is an unkind shoulder
Unable to hold the tears it beckons
Unable to heal the wounds it creates

Time is a cruel teacher
Patience is a virtue learned through pain
Strength forged of necessity

Time is a blessing
Dulling blades
Smoothing jagged edges of emotion

Time lingers
Stretching each moment of joy into eternity
Holding memories in their most pristine state

Time is a universe in and of itself
Changing each second in length and perception
Teasing with it's flowing strength

Time is infinite in love
Lifetimes to eternity
Always and forever
As one
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