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Vishesh Singh May 2021
She is one of the angel who is sent from above,
She has the biggest heart in every terms of love.
That's why she's rare, not like any other
There's none so devotional as that of 'Mother',
Her love is something that no one can explain,
It is made of endless love, sacrifice and pain.
Her power is super, how can she do it all?
She has all solutions for my problems - big or small.
She will be the one who will stand everywhere,
In every situation, when no one else will be there.
She makes me feel so good, safe and sound,
When she is there with me around.
She is the reason everyday I smile,
For me, she can run for a mile.
She's so pretty and versatile,
For doing everything she has her own style.
It's so difficult to understand what she thinks,
Her heart is soft as pink.
Words are less to describe her behavior,
She's my world, she's my savior.
Thank you God for this precious gift,
I Promise that I will always uplift.
Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful and strong mothers around the world. Love you!
Benzene May 2021
She 's the  most beautiful woman of  my and your life ,
listen , she's not mine and your wife.
All lover and their stories are nothing
in front of her love which is still expanding .

She always sacrificed her dream for family
still never cried and live happily

She is one who started loving you before your birth,
she is a living angel on earth .

She is the one
who change all your sorrows into fun .
She is always there for you ,
only her love is unconditional and true .

She goes to bed when everyone sleeps
She cares for you when you weep.

You kicked her in her womb
still she taught you how to walk ,
because of her today you are able to bloom.

You made her go through the pain at the time of your birth,
and still she helps you know your worth.

A blessing indeed is being a mother
It is an honor like no other .
Wishing you all a very happy mother's day .
Maa is not a word , It's an emotion , just feel that ...
Riddhi N Hirawat Nov 2019
Ek metro, saanp si guzar rahi hai kuch duur
Ek nabh faila hai uske upar - Neela sa kaala
Ek chaand chamak raha hai uss nabh mein
Kuch baadal sarak rahe hain paas mein uske
Usi metro ki tarah par dheere zara
Thandi hawayei hain.
Usme goonjta mera aaj khada
Kuch thandak hai inn hawaon mein
Aur bohot sara sukoon bhara

Aisi hi hoti hai wo chaand ki thandak?
Jinhen sunte, apna bachpan beet gaya
Kya sheetalta swarg ki aisi hai kahin?
Jisey suna kayion ka jeevan guzar gaya
Kya raambaan sukh yahi toh nahi
Kya kamdhenu vriksha aisa tha kabhi
Kya Ramcharitmanas mein hanumat
Ka Rambhakti amrit lagta tha yun hi?

Aisa hi amritmay bachpan mein,
yaad hai mujhko lagta tha
Zameen se shuru uss lambi khidki
Se yahi chaand chamakta dikhta tha
Mama sa ban chup shant bhav se
Kuch baatein meri sunta tha

Kyunki khud bhumi par bistar pe so
Holi mujhe khilayi thi
Khud bhookhe reh uss ke paiso
Se mere bhai ko idli chakhayi thi
Bohot pasand thi usko uski idli
Aur rangbhari mujhe holi meri

Kya kabhi unhen main unka wapas
Ye rinn chukta kar paungi
Kya kabhi unnsi balwaan main ban kar
Unke liye itna kar paungi?
Kya usi chaand ki thandak si khushiyan
Unki jholi mein bhar paungi?

Kya bhool maaf karne ki hadd
Ko paar kar kar ke thake nahi wo?
Kya raat bhar bhi jagkar subah
Hans dawa banna bhoole nahi wo
Kya insaani roop mein hain
Bhagwan, "maa baap" kehlate jo?
Chirayu Writer May 2017
"Happy Mother's Day"
She fought for us against the world
She stands for us against the peoples
She sacrifices for us against the lives
She still continues to inspire us everyday & every time.
She is no one, then the most important Person, who is a human, friend, teacher, love and a god of everyone's life.
Mother is the term
I call her "Super Woman". My mother is my life
My mother is my love
My mother is my Shadow
My mother is my Role model
My mother is my Inspiration
My mother is my Idol  My mother is my best friend
My mother is everything to me
Today what I am is because of my mother,
for me my mother is everything. "To you mother,
thank you for everything Maa,
I know, how great you, I know how beauty is your love and care, there is no one better to understand me and without you my life is incomplete, Thank you with priceless, because you deserve more than this, you are" the entire universe is with me, words will never measure the love you have showered on me,
I can't Thank you enough, and a thing I forgot to mention is you "the best and no.1 cook in this entire universe, I bet no one can cook like you, you are beyond, magical and magicians of your as well the surrounding lives.
On this auspicious day to unforgettable time, I have to
Promise you something that from now
Onwards the time is yours,
"Each second of your life going to be so special & every minute will be unforgettable,
Precious includes charismatic.
this is my promise Mom.
Stay happy,
Love you
Keep smiling.
(You are my god).
Love you Mummy.
(You kept me in your womb, safely with care, I can say only one thing "Thank you god for making the best creation for life.
My Mom is Super Woman.)
And To Every mother in the whole world wish you "Happy Mother's Day". Keep Smiling & Keep Rocking.
Thank you
Happy Mother's Day... Plz read it..
Sarthak Agarwal Apr 2017
What a poet loves the most,
more than anything else,
Is how she completes her poems.
Entwining words with one another
hoping a creation will arise,
rather imperfect at first,
but moulding it over and over,
even as time cries.

The poet forgets herself,
and the world around her for she falls in love with the poem,
giving it everything she has,
hoping it may represent her most perfect dreams.

But there are often some poems,
taking a lifetime to complete,
for the poet is never satisfied,
even when her creation is ‘a lion in a fight’,
or ‘as smart as Einstein’,
as high and mighty as the bean tree from jack and the beanstalk,
or like a peach tree soft and tender.

And finally when her time comes near,
and she looks up from the bed,
caresses the soft skin of her creation,
which still smells to her the way a new book smells.
A small smile all too visible,
“Go and give love to others,
how you have given me the same”
she said.

How could I,
I whispered to myself,
When you, MAA, were the one who gave love and life to the poem,
and were more than a perfect poet.
A poem dedicated to the national poetry writing month, and my mother.
Open to all sorts of constructive criticism.
Arvind Bhardwaj Mar 2016
मैं हिंदी..

कभी सीने से मुझको लगाने वाले,
हर गीत में मुझे गुनगुनाने वाले,
बनी जब मैं माँ की लोरी,
मेरी गोद में वह सो जाने वाले,
मुझसे अब रिश्ता तोड़ चुके हैं।

जिनकी हर वेदना की मैं आवाज़ बनी,
खुशी से गुनगुनाये तो मैं साज़ बनी,
कभी सोने के पन्नों में खेला करती थी,
आज चंद हर्फ़ों की मोहताज़ बनी।

कभी तरन्नुम में तो कभी तरानों में थी,
प्यार में लिखे अफ़सानों में थी,
यौवन के मधुर संगीतों में थी,
इश्क़ में तड़पे तो मैं उनकी ज़ुबानों पे थी।

क्रांति के इंक़लाब में निहित,
हर दो तूक जवाब में थी,
अख़बारों के पन्ने बनकर,
जमघट बेहिसाब में थी,
विजय उद्घोष किया जब तुमने,
मैं बन इतिहास किताब में थी।

हर रूप में जिनको ममता दी,
जिनका था मैंने वरण किया,
उन्हीं बेटों में भरी सभा में था,
मेरा चीर हरण किया,
इतने वर्षों से जो मेरी,
गोदी में फल फूल रहे थे,
तड़प उठी मैं, देखा जब,
वह मुझको ही अब भूल रहे थे।

अंतर्वेदना के गहन दर्द से रोती मैं चित्कार रही थी,
हर कोई अनजान था मुझसे,
और मैं बेबस निहार रही थी, और मैं बेबस निहार रही थी।
Anshula Nema Jan 2016
For the first time,
When I saw her,
I don't know what her expression was,
All I knew was,
I was alive in a new world.

With tiny little fingers I touched her face,
And her soft lips pressed against my forehead.

And I for the very first time felt safe,
And secured in her arms.

I was growing everyday,
From a day old baby to an older one.

She was,
The first one to hear my voice,
Giggles, laughter and the cry,
The one who used to have sleepless nights,
The one who taught me to take the very first step,
The one who took care of me better  than anyone else.

The conversations we had,
We're less of words,
Yet more of understanding,
She understood me,
Without me explaining.

Time was taking a swing,
And she had been watching,
Watching me grow,
Watching me learn,
Watching me rise,
And yes, watching me fall.

Falling, for me, was a big deal,
Yet she was the one to make me rise  for once and for all.

The little arguments,
Her scoldings,
Her love,
Her smile
The little teamwork we did,
Were the most of which I enjoyed.

For me,
She was my world,
And her arms were the boundaries where I would lie.

This little angel grew up way too fast,
For her to realise.
This bond which I share with her,
Is on a never ending journey!
No matter how old I would grow,
No matter how much a mess I am,
Yet the one person,
Whom I would always call upon,
Would forever be *
She is the world to me, and I ain't losing her at any cost.
Pallavi Jul 2015
God made Eve and she is the testimony,
Of what Eve could herself be
The smile on her face, zillion emotions in disguise
The twinkle in her eyes,
only speaks of love no lies

A mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife and her roles multiply,
But dare come a moment when she is out of time,
Keeping her world at the back she always moves ahead
She will laugh and she will cry,
She will burn and she will light up the fire

If only we could be possibly be an inch tall of her will that has no heights,
We would have still given up trying after some time

One Super Woman she is,
an epitome of how godly Eve can be
Thousand tributes may fall short,
but you'll never be less of words
Having one like her in your life,
And you may be writing this again the nth time!

— The End —