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M Crux Alexander Dec 2016
Lost for words within endless stares
Losing truth when we choose dares
Fighting for peace like we don't care
Destroying our treasure as though not rare

We can say what we mean
But translation lies
Caging a raven:
Only free when it flies
What we find in our hands
like blood promises made
The color of our conviction
Reflecting like a blade
"Forever" we promised
Yet forever we fight
Only desiring the arms
That hold us tight

The only One for me,
no matter the span
Or depth of sea
Our perfect plan:
My love with me
So far we ran
Just to love free....

Why can't our past chains just let us be?
Fighting for the love you want is never easy.
M Crux Alexander Mar 2016
I love you for reasons that can't manifest
into physical forms
The ethereal pull of love within me
is beyond reasoning or control
But you asked for reasons, so I'll do my best

I adore your hair and how completely it captures my attention
Your eyes lock me in paradise, so full and wanting
Your form and frame like a comic book heroine, commanding my attention
And ****! Your thighs just keep me alive within my fantasies
You redefined beauty for me
You created a new measure by which I held others
and none other could ever measure up

-[But that doesn't touch my love for you.]-

I love how we play when we both feel safe
I love how you flirt with me
I love more than anything how delicious you taste
Never have I bonded with someone
on such a chemical level
Your skin, your smell, your taste, your curves
all of YOU commands my nerves
You light me on fire and dominate my desires
You are the only one that I ever want
Your smile and seduction have captured me completely.

-[But these aren't reasons why I love you.]-

I love you because my heart, my spirit, my mind, and my physical body
all convene into one known truth: I cannot live without you.
You bring a peace and wholeness to my life.
You create within me a singular hunger that knows only you.
Everything that I am wants you and only you.
I love you, but not because you are beautiful.
I love you, but not because we fit together.
I love you, but not because you're the best I've found.
I love you, but not because I no longer want to search for another.
I love you, but not for any reason I could list.
The reasons follow the love, not create it.
My love transcends above mere reasons
What I feel for you is beyond reason and description
It is a desire to live or the need to take another breath
that happens because the body needs it
...because it's *right.
We never learn a true definition of love because it's such a complicated idea simplified down to a single word in English. It's a shame to neuter such a broad idea that defines so many lovely parts of our existence. What I learned as "love" could easily be different from what someone else learned as it's definition. We all learn from others & make it up as we live and grow. We get hurt and we redefine what it means to us. We get broken and we guard ourselves a little tighter. To some, it may be easily defined, to others, those same definitions failed us.
For me, love is not defined nor labeled. It cannot be trapped within examples and metaphors. It is felt and experienced, unavoidable and incomprehensible beyond its very existence and effect on my world. I /know/ it by it's complete control of my existence, once captured within its embrace.
M Crux Alexander Feb 2016
The magic is gone
sadness reigns
if it's not anger
it's pouring rain
Lost within the madness
of fighting again
Love all but forgotten
as we take it on the chin
Communication styles
of anger and hurt
deminishing what's left
of my own self worth
Another day of wishing
I was simply gone
Insides churning misery
the pain lingers on
My world upside down
as darkness lets me hide
The pain remembered brightly
as the sun glares it's shine
M Crux Alexander Jan 2016
i gave you a broken heart of glass
You cradled me and cut me
You showed me the beauty within the shards
You taught me to live with a broken heart

You took my hand and you held it tight
Blinded with tears, you gave me sight
Frozen with fears, we embraced the night
Facing death, you showed me life.

i was never prepared for who you are
Not the beautiful hair, nor the secret scar
You became a goddess within my soul
Your heart the spark for me to become whole

Our path had many ends that led into the sea
The broken shards that I carried with me
were ground to become sand beneath our feet
And allowed you to walk away with me

She saved me from darkness, despair, and death.
She gave me everything that I have left:
love and hope.
M Crux Alexander Oct 2015
a good-night kiss
soft, forgiving
reminding me of living
reconciliatory touch
a lingering embrace
beautiful eyes
clinging to my face
kissing again
with deliberate softness
a new wish forms:
could we do this more often?
those good-night kisses were the best in years.
M Crux Alexander Oct 2015
I miss you so hard today
I feel it in my breath
weighing so heavy
This empty loneliness
consumes when you're away
My goddess, my lover,
if ever you grant my wish
let it be today that I have you in my arms
wish for what matters.
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