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Neha Srivastava Nov 2020
Sometimes people survive only to flourish....
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Between "mere a serendipity" and a "cosmic irony" we all exist.
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Things end..
But do they get over???
Neha Srivastava Jul 2020
Life is a choice about wat you see and not perceive and wat you absorb that you percieved  !!!!!
Neha Srivastava Jun 2020
There is no right or wrong
Living in the "Now" shan't always be the norm
Partly existing in the past
absorbing the essence and holding the grasp
Counting on the unknowns
and wanting them to be one of my own.
This is Me..
Breathing on these extremes
Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
The trick is to live a life beyond survival.
Neha Srivastava Feb 2020
A moment lived is a moment won!!!!
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