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Harriz Sierra Nov 2018
I need this thing to get off my chest,
It's bugging me
How could I rest
When It's giving me Insanity?!

I think I've been Brain Damaged,
I can't think anything I could managed.

Insanity it gave me,
Chaos I embraced,
Forgiveness is Crazy,
For you to come back,
Would be a disgrace.
thehiddenwriter Aug 2016
why did you came when all you wanted was to leave ,
I know I wasn't perfect,
I know I wasn't normal.

I loved you,
I gave you my heart ,
All you did was leave me alone in this materialistic world .

I changed ,
I cared ,
All I wanted was to see that free smile of yours that i was unable to copy.
Vid Dec 2015
How did she move on so soon?
She used to tell me she loves me a lot..
She used to tell me that she'll never leave me or let me go without a fight..

Why did she let me walk away without a conversation?

Why did she become someone else's when I said I'll come back?

How did she date 2 different guys in a short period in which I'm still trying to recover, lost in her thoughts..

Everything I do..
Everywhere I go..
Everything I touch..
Everything I see..
It all just reminds me of her!!!

Well can we just say that I learnt people go? No matter how much they promise or how much they say they won't go.. They leave when their part in our lives are over. They leave us with a million memories.. Memories which when thought of make us cry..

— The End —