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Apr 2017
Why is it you never leave my mind? Why are you always there, in every thought,  in every phrase?  Why don't you stop pinging me? Each and Every second i wonder about you. I think of you. I miss you and i love you.
I no longer hope for you to love me. For there's no reason to me. If I were you maybe i wouldn't have loved me too. But every night i dream of a life with you, no matter how much pain it gives, but i love every moment of it. When reality tortures me, i look for a home in my dreams.
I love you. I can say it a thousand of times,  and it still wont be enough to tell you how much i love you. I may write hundreds of poetries and it still won't be able to tell you my feelings for you. After every write up i realise there's still a lot more to say. Maybe it will take lifetime to tell you for how much i love you.
No matter how many times i say i love you, once or twice (tho i love repeating this little sentence over and over) , I say it to remind you there's someone who loves you a lot. I never say to hear it back, i say it because i want to make sure you know.
I know you don't feel the same. Its ohkey. You don't need to reciprocate the love. You just need to keep the love i give you. You just need to be happy and smiling always.
I never planned on this, and then i realise why the unexpected things makes the best moments. And why the most unexpected persons in your life means the most to you. ♥
I Can't t possibly think of a moment where i don't love him. Even if i am angry i love him. Even if i cry i love him. In every dream i love him. There's no reason to unlove him. Feels like my love was made for him. And him only. ♥
Written by
Blah blah  21/F/Delhi
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