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Blah blah Mar 2018
Remembering him after losing him, is like losing him all over again.
I wonder if it makes sense to any of you people, but it makes a whole loy of sense to me.
Blah blah Feb 2018
A new smile blossomed in her life, turning all the pain into ashes.
Crushes are so important.I hope this one lasts long and long as a crush only.
Blah blah Feb 2018
For the first time, it wasn't a thought, but a decision, my last decision.
Blah blah Nov 2017
Your heartbreak will never **** you.
It will slowly overpower you,
making you vulnerable and unguarded,
making your eyes drop to bed sheet,
Making you feel a pain more than a human body could bear.
It will consume you till your last being.
Sometimes it will hit you like a bullet,
piercing your heart right through.
But no, it will never **** you.
And one day you'll find yourself,
Lying on the floor gasping for air.
You will feel like you're dying,
But the truth is you're not.
No one has ever died of a heartbreak.
Blah blah Oct 2017
The day i looked at you,
I found love in you.
The day you looked at me,
You found love too,
Not in me, but in my eyes,
Growing for you.
Blah blah Oct 2017
The day i knew i love you,
I wanted to love you more and more.
I wanted to love you, forever.
Forever not only means till my last breath,
But till the very last breath on this planet.
I wanted to love you,
Here, walking by your side, holding your hands.
And everywhere, even from a distance, watching you grow in love and life.
I wanted to love you, in truths and lies.
Blah blah Oct 2017
We all have been there. Don't we?
Addicted to something that leaves us for no good.
And maybe we are all guilt ridden of some chapters we don't read out loud.
When everything hurts, every **** thing.

When you were nervous to walk out, afraid to suffer,
reluctant to meet new people.
When you try to pull with one hand,
but are forced to push with the other.
We all have been there, don't we?

When you were unable to turn your emotions down,
and anxiety ruled over you,
so you decided to disguise your love. When you were too tired of chasing things,
and getting knocked down every time, so you decided to walk away.
We all have been there, don't we?
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