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Jan 2016
For the first time,
When I saw her,
I don't know what her expression was,
All I knew was,
I was alive in a new world.

With tiny little fingers I touched her face,
And her soft lips pressed against my forehead.

And I for the very first time felt safe,
And secured in her arms.

I was growing everyday,
From a day old baby to an older one.

She was,
The first one to hear my voice,
Giggles, laughter and the cry,
The one who used to have sleepless nights,
The one who taught me to take the very first step,
The one who took care of me betterΒ  than anyone else.

The conversations we had,
We're less of words,
Yet more of understanding,
She understood me,
Without me explaining.

Time was taking a swing,
And she had been watching,
Watching me grow,
Watching me learn,
Watching me rise,
And yes, watching me fall.

Falling, for me, was a big deal,
Yet she was the one to make me riseΒ  for once and for all.

The little arguments,
Her scoldings,
Her love,
Her smile
The little teamwork we did,
Were the most of which I enjoyed.

For me,
She was my world,
And her arms were the boundaries where I would lie.

This little angel grew up way too fast,
For her to realise.
This bond which I share with her,
Is on a never ending journey!
No matter how old I would grow,
No matter how much a mess I am,
Yet the one person,
Whom I would always call upon,
Would forever be *
She is the world to me, and I ain't losing her at any cost.
Anshula Nema
Written by
Anshula Nema  India
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