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Poem about Life | Free Verse Poem | I Miss You Poems

I feel so worried, as if I’m going to get sick,
If it was a trick, I would be delighted to wake up,
I don’t see you for a while, as if I am isolated,
As isolation will blow my mind away

Through the ice, I hear your voice,
As if it’s the only hope, that I can’t cope,
Your voice gets spotted, but still stuck in ice,
As your voice gets louder, I start to sink

They pull me down, while you try to pull up,
They won’t stop neither you,
Since you never showed up on the right spot,
I feel lonely as I miss you

I feel so sad that I only visited you for a day,
As gloom surrounds my wishes and dreams,
Without expressing or anyone knowing,
As I know, I miss you

I am stuck on an island missing you,
My feelings are being fearful,
As you are not around,
Please comeback, I miss you

Source: I miss you poems
(By Sarah Shahzad, February 2020)
This poem is dedicated to two friends.  As far as I know I have not seen both of them for quite some time.  Without them I feel so lonely and I have tried to express my feelings in this poem.  I miss you Ishmam and Insharah!!!
Poems About Life

This virus brought us far,
But we can’t get back by car,
It spreads itself far,
All without any mark,

Inadequate protection let it enters us,
Without us knowing it is there,
As it begins attacking cells,
As the attack, rings just as a bell,

We might run fast,
But can’t avoid the virus,
As it infects the iris,
As there’s no way out,

We might eat grapes,
Without knowing the escape,
As it flies through the body,
As a shape free to undertake,

Round but not weak,
As it looks for a victim,
Not immune to such infection,
That victim is seeking protection,
A protection as that virus is nonstop.
(By Sarah Shahzad, February 2020)
Inspiration of this poem is the fatal Corona Virus which has been affecting human lives.  Many people are suffered from it and mainly old people are more vulnerable to this virus.  We hope that scientist find a quick cure and vaccination for this virus.

All of us are watching media to see news of its cure and good news about vaccination.  We pray for all the people who are sick with this virus. Hopefully they will get better.
sarah shahzad Jan 29
We make great effort and style,

But we don’t make close friends,

Together we play great roles on the stage,

But we don’t make friends, even close ones

That goes on,

We don’t recognize them later in life,

Even though we see them passing by us,

They might recognize us, but never tell,

As we refrained talking to them in past,

Just because there was a time, where we could have,

Become close friend with them,

But our mind refuses, as we cross path,

But most importantly,

We don’t recognize the word friendship,

Where we can recognize anyone easily,

And fool around together.

This poem is about one of the best relations in one’s life.  You make friends at various stages of your life and then as you move on, relationship closes. This makes you scared of making new friends.

It is important to make friends and maintain this relationship long lasting.  This will give you opportunity to enjoy your best moments in life with someone very close to you.
Roses are sweet, but not petit,

They never dry out, as they fly in,

Precious for the house of those, who are good,

Pleasing for the house of those, who are special,

They never thought of encountering a lost rose,

Who was tossed away,

For being dried-up all of a sudden,

As they notice its specialty,

And that it’s not impoverished

Down they went to help the seed of the same specialty,

Rose, they met,

Precious to those who are good, with the identical rose,

Pleasing to those who are special, with the identical rose,

Then they go underneath the ground

They will meet,

The seed of same rose,

All with the help of the, identical rose

For just another beginning of a continuing course.

(Sarah Shahzad  JULY, 2019)
Who does not like roses? This poem is about the most well known flower in flora world.  These are symbols of beauty, fragrance, love, life, perfumes, food, drinks, art, medicines and symbolism.  Flowers are not for just tossed out after receiving but there is a cycle of their presence. A new flower replaces the old one and sometimes old ones give rise to new plants.
Solar Eclipse
Free Verse Poem | Poem on Nature

As the sun rises,

With lots of surprises,

Granting one after the other,

As slowly the day goes on,

The moon comes out mysteriously,

Blocking the sunny view of the happy people,

As the day gets dark,

As the nights of the shadows,

Making all of them frown,

The day continues for a while,

And immediately vanishes,

The people who saw that spectacular event,

Get surprised and worried,

The children get excited,

As the night goes long,

A night in the middle of the day.

(By Sarah Shahzad, December 2019)
This poem is about solar eclipse.  It is quite different from lunar eclipse.  That is to say that moon crosses the path and comes in between earth and sun.

Meanwhile some enthusiast await for eclipses but most of the people also worried about its negative impact.  Somehow people are afraid of coming out of the houses during solar eclipse but in contrast people with cameras loved to take pictures of it.

Solar eclipse on 25/26 December 2019 is called as final eclipse of the decade.  On christmas day, sun appears about one percent smaller in the sky.  Therefore we will be able to observe a ring of fire.

Some of the people are worried about eclipse and ask their children to stay away from the dark rays of the eclipse.

What are your thoughts about lunar and solar eclipse?
sarah shahzad Nov 2019
short poem about life
Slug – Free Verse Poem

That slippery slime,

That crawls out of damp places,

In the sorrowful night,

It wishes to find a home,

A home of vegetables is like a dream,

If it was a dream like no wonder any slug likes one,

When they crawl out in the day light,

In the garden full of vegetables,

Their dream becomes one.
(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)
source:  Most of us dream of living a perfect life but that is impossible. every stage of life has different challanges and we spend most if our lives to attempt these challanges.

Once that slug finds a dream place to live, it gets more predators and ultimately that dreamy life is very short.
sarah shahzad Nov 2019
Save Water

Free Verse Poem

We drink and use water,

Without knowing what it does,

What benefits it gives,

Water is around but has decreased,

Without knowing that the world is drying,

Before the leaves get crooked up as life,

We need to save water, to save our life,

Water helps everything,

As we need to help it too,

We do not need water just to drink and use,

We need it, to help it, so it can help us too.

(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)
source: Save water means saving precious lives of all living beings Countries are focusing on planting more trees and teaching young generations to conserve water.

— The End —