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I be me
And you be you
Be whoever you want to be
Don't copy someone to fit in
Be whoever you desire
Not someone else's

Don't be a liar
Be true to yourself
Care for who you are
With that, you'll get far
Within this world of grey, you'll be a shining star
Wynn Star Dec 2019
Is found in a dress
My stomach
the crowd
Always say yes
Please the people
Maybe I don’t want to please
But I freeze
I do things for you
Yet, never for me
I’m down on my knees
I wheeze
“I can be free”
I can be free from the weight on my shoulder. If I change my mindset and stand on my faults instead of putting them on my head like bricks then I can live for me and let you lean on me when you need.
No one's there when you needed a hand,

No one's there for you to listen and understand.

They loathed and turned away when they knew your sin,

No one's there with you when you feel like crashing In.

You saw a blade and grin,

Blood dripped off, You can't feel the pain.

Maybe that is end of your battle on fitting in,

Cause whatever you do, they will never let you in.
Sarah Markbride Mar 2018
I don't think it's true that people enjoy to stand out.
As much as they say they do.
As much as they wish they did.
I am guilty more than most.
My whole life I've spent wanting, nothing more than to fit in.
To be accepted for who I am.
As we get older not fitting in becomes easier than it did at school.
To forget about the people that made you feel worthless in the halls.
Being made to feel like that way never truly leaves you.
So be kind to the ones that you feel are so different from you.
As they are not the ones that should be made to feel worthless, take a look in the mirror because if this is something you do,
The only person that should be made to feel worthless is you.
So maybe I am still bitter and I deserve to be because everyday being made to endure this I became less of me.
Luisa C Sep 2016
i shall remain as a hidden piece of a puzzle,
puzzling myself to pieces on why storms
swirl daily around the absence of my brain.
and on this rainy friday afternoon it should be no different;
wondering how i came to be, perched away
in the back of the room to watch a flood of unfamiliar smiles.
when did i become so lonely and outcast?
the dread of not liking most of the people i'm around dawns
and my jagged edges of a puzzle piece emphasise.
i do not fit with these people. they are
too sure on their happiness.
Leila The Kiwi Apr 2016
"In order to be irreplaceable,
One must be different"
-Coco Chanel

We may all feel the hunger to fit in
But why would you want to fit in, When you can be unique?

The courage to be yourself in a world full of sheep- in itself- is beautiful
And frankly, the only person you should try to impress, is yourself
At the end of the day who's always there for you?
That's right!
It's you!
Do you want those you love, those you spend the most time with, to remember you when you're gone?
To smile and laugh when they think about you?
Then, be unique
Remove the chains you've wrapped around your neck in order to be "normal"
Spread your wings and let this world see you
Some may be flooded by your boldness
They may become venomous, because they're too afraid to do it themselves
Do not give them the power to dampen your spirit
Hold your head high
Be proud in who you are
Because the rest of us, those who have freed ourselves?
We're waiting for you
And we want to wrap you in a blanket of warmth and kindness
When you're ready,
Come find us

We may all have the hunger to fit in
But why should we want to fit in,
When we can be unique?

Jay Mar 2016
i used to wear a disguise
to deceive the real me
i locked all the crazy
afraid for anyone to see
i used to be a deception
of all that you see
against the piercing reality of today

i used to wear a disguise
which i used
to lock away
all of my hopes and all of my dreams

i used to wear a disguise
until you came along
to unlock all the crazy
and reveal the real me
so everyone can see

for you made me realize that:

i am what i disguised
so no longer will i deceive  
because what i am
is what i am meant for you to see
my best friend insipired me to write this
Ana S Jan 2016
Dear inspiration,
In times of being broken you showed me light.
In times of my true self being woken you taught me wrong from right.
You smiled and laughed with me.  
You showed me everything has a price but friendship is free.
I was a strange thing.
A skinny little  voiceless soul left tingling.
The world told me who to be.
They took away every last piece of me.
I let them judge when the shouldn't.
I refused stand when I couldn't.
It started with a simple common ground. Then I fell in love with you being around. A criticized teen.
A nightmare waiting to be seen.
You helped me stand.
You gave out a lending hand.
For that I say thank you.
And I'm in debt for everything you do.
A very personal letter to a man who helped me through the storm.
WickedHope Jan 2015
Why is it
The sluttier I dress
The more you all
Accept me?
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