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Em Apr 13
I'm grateful for my mind
But most of the time I wish I could think like everyone else
Not having to always feel the need to be more mature
or look at the bright side of things
Everyone tells me I'm "mature for my age"
So I keep exhausting myself
Wishing I could cut the rope to the tug of war competition in my head
The back and forth of wanting to wallow with the moon but knowing that sunshine will wash away the worry
I want to live without being concerned about what my future self will think of me
I want to be a selfish ignorant teen
But I care too much about how I am perceived to others
And I need adult validation to function
bess goldstein Mar 2020
your letters, written to coax an empty heart.
an illusion written with dying lead,
begging to fade away.
it is still beautiful, marching in formation
on the loose leaf paper towards the end.
your signature,
which stands to be the only thing left true.
I keep it,
a reminder how lies are beautiful
in your handwriting.
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
Age 12,
not a single tension of this world,
standing at a standstill,
And shouting ,'**** the whole universe'

age 13,
failed first time,
everything was fine,
except my parent's pride,

age 14,failed again,
for my pride,
my mum made me change my school once again,
I didn't feed on sun,still for everyone I was an alien,
thanks to Harry, Ron and Hermoine,
I learnt friendship from a friendship which I never got,
thanks to J.K Rowling too,
she's the reason why these rhymes make much more sense to me than those value of pi's do,

age 15, failed once again,
but no worries,
cause I know I am going to change the game,
that doesn't mean I don't cry,
don't worry,
when someone asks me,
I never tell them 'why?'

I read Edgar Allan Poe to Dan brown,
did not leave even a single account,
but still the main question remains,
will these words going to take me somewhere,
or even anywhere else,
or I too, will became a 9 to 5 slave just like everyone else.

-my story by adarsh Singh.
Jasmine dryer May 2018
I’m a girl in world
thats  filled with sorrow
so I cry and say everyday
"i'll cry again tomorrow"

this world is a nightmare
and drained of hope
so I wake up everyday and say
"really? nope"

its sad to think
that my life is a lie
and that sometimes the only solution
is to cry

but I wake up every morning
and get up, trying not wine
but a voice says
don't cry, its fine

I always say "ok" as a reply
I always want to scream at the voice
because of course it doesn't get it
because unlike me its had a choice

this voice is a thing I can't really explain
because this voice never wines
in this dark world
it shines

even though I hate the voice
when its seems the world is as dark as night
I try not to cry
with all my might

and the voice was smart
because the last thing I expected to go higher
is the shell of the world
that got brighter

maybe the world
isn't as bad as it seems
because when I choose to be happy
people don't seem as mean
yeah things get better guys! follow my wattpad pine_god the voice was my happy side

— The End —