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Im stuck in this book of old memories.
Page after page.
When I reach the end I start it all over again.
Being stuck in the past makes it hard to move foward.
Faith Hull May 9
I took one last, long look into his light chestnut eyes, melting into spirals of gold in the early evening sunlight
(There is no word in any language that could accurately describe how beautiful they are)
And he gazed back into mine, letting me take my time to fully absorb him
One last time

And I found myself
the first to look away
I let him go
And that is how he killed me

And yet I love him still
I’ve never hurt so bad before
Peyton Sparks Apr 11
Interestingly enough

(I miss you)

Mayhaps love
Is not the
Solution to all the problems in the world but the,
Specific cause, creating a problematic

(I miss you)

Yearning of the soul that creates issues as dark as
Obsidian, or could it be that love will never be

I miss you
I miss my freedom within your absence,
when I stretched between the memories.
Now I'm stuck between the moments,
my eyes tired from believing
your arms were safe for me to sleep in.
Lexa Oct 2019
I think my life took a vacation
Didn’t give me a letter
Just a feeling of something missing
I didn’t notice for a while
Kept moving along, not thinking
To look back to make sure
Somewhere I lost all the people
Who loved me for all this time
Maybe they went away too
I know I am a lot of work
Everyone needs a break
But its been a few months
I wonder if they left for good
I guess I couldn’t blame them
I don’t want to be me either
It’s exhausting trying to love
Someone so broken
I keep praying for everything to
Return and to have missed me
But they never do
I think maybe I will give my notice
I won’t be returning
Awesome Annie Aug 2019
I hate
That I miss him. 
Counted days
Pass in heavy silence. 

My heart
Broken is mending.
Prayers lost
To the universe. 
Polluting the galaxy
Destroying whole constellations.

My lips are sealed
Stitched together.
Strings of unspoken
Moments held to tightly. 
Bedsheets tainted
By silence and secrets. 

Once not caring
What having him
Would cost me. 
I now kneel in ruin. 
Healing myself
From his misuse.

Hands cupped
To catch the after math.
It slips through
My fingers.
Having begged him
Not to fall
In love with me.
Risa Njoroge Jun 2019
These tears she cries could float a ship,
The loneliness that fills her heart runs way too deep,

The miles between them is sky wide,
The time between them is half a clock,

Strangling the framed picture she misses him,
His tiny little hugs & his melodious laugh

She even misses the noise,
Mostly she misses his voice,

She misses the way he smiles with all his teeth out,
And how he ***** his middle and index finger when he is zoned out,

She often struggles with her choice,
And wonders if he will understand why she is chasing this dream,

Her hearts prayer no man understands
One more day apart will drive her mad,

Everyday she falls further apart,
"You doing it for him" she reminds her breaking heart,

"Us against the world" she always said to him
Now she wants to tear it apart to play with him

She misses her child,
She misses her son!
I haven't seen my son in a couple of months, I miss him
Taylor Broussard May 2019
Determined soldier, soldier on
Keep your head in the zone
Don't lose your positive tone
Please pick up the phone

Drained soldier, soldier on
Long enough to come back home
Back into my loving arms
Please don't leave me all alone

My soldier, soldier on
Do what it takes
For you to win this war
Please come back home
My fiance is in the Army, and so I wrote this poem for him to remind him that I'm here waiting for him to finally come back home. To all of you in or who was in the military, Thank you for your service.
Quinn Mar 2019
I dream of endless summers, 
Of sunkissed cheeks 
Red from burns and blushes 
I dream of long fall nights,
Raking leaves just to scatter them 
Of pumpkins and black cats
I dream of eternal winters
Woolen blankets, hot chocolate 
Cheesy overplayed Christmas carols. 
But I never dream of Spring 
Spring is not a time of flowers and growth
Not for me
You miss the day the tiger lilies open
You aren't here when the songbirds open their beaks 
and create the most beautiful music
other than the music of your voice
Spring nights aren't for movies and adventures 
they're for tears 
That fall just like April shower
throughout those months 
So no, I never dream of Spring 
I dream of you.
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