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Von Sep 2020
I don't know why I'm so afraid to fall
When he is down there
Ready to catch me with open arms
  Aug 2020 Von
I pretend to know
How the universe and its infinite rivers
flow like dandelion fields alive
When really the only thing which bursts in me
is unknowing and being
in this reactive fall
And as the earth approaches fast below
I ask it why
And plead to fly
For myself no less to all
You make it up as you go. Everyone does, or at least is envious of those who do.
Von Apr 2020
Hiding behind a lighthearted smile
The fact is that I don't know
If the lie I told myself to continue living was true or not
I have lost sight of my place in this world
Von Feb 2020
You always wandered on your way
All you could do was walking and walking through the darkness
"I'm all alone..."
No, I won't let you say such sad thing anymore
Even when you couldn't hold back your tears and started to cry
I’ll be a faint ray in the darkness
Even the two of us have nowhere to go
It's all right
Because we have each other
just felt like writing this
  Feb 2020 Von
​i still hate the girl that i am obliged to deal with every single day
but i confess that still i wake up to give her another try
allow her to make mistakes
take the guilt, and apologize
for what's only accounted to her
allow her to breathe and take a break
allow her to cry when she's sad
allow her to burn when she's mad
allow her to love, to bleed in love
and somehow, to be loved
yes, i still do not like some parts of her
but i finally understood that
she is also human
and she is me.
Von Jan 2020
Every day that I spent with you,
was wasted

The things that I know,
weren’t there anymore

Now your shadow is becoming brighter,
lost out of my sight
  Dec 2019 Von
All I ever wanted was for someone to listen
I wanted someone to pay attention
To tell me things would get better
And that happiness would last forever
I wanted someone to give me advice
All about my life to notice
I wanted someone to understand
To support and lend me a hand
I wanted someone who'd never leave me alone
To know me from deep inside my bone
I wanted someone to love me
As far as the end of the galaxy
I wanted someone to treat me with respect
To make me feel a little perfect
I wanted someone to make me feel special
And to not make my life seem so small
I wanted someone to wipe away all of my tears
Helping me get over my fears
I wanted someone to be my friend
To always bring my misery to an end
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