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we've had some low and difficult days when we're both feels isolated. we've had plenty of teething and growing pains as we come into new phase of our relationship and try to navigate our lives together. we've had to set our pride and ego aside, and instead, choose fearlessly to try to listen better and how to express ourselves better. some of it came naturally, but of course like any other new relationship, some didn't. sometimes we do it pretty well, other times we're still learning.

there’s some vulnerability inside of me when i knew that our honeymoon phase was over. but i think there’s a treasure in that feeling, in which that we choose to stay with each other beyond the cracking images. that’s a gift to myself that we shouldn’t be scared of being ourselves and losing love. because at the end we know that we can power through it.

with this, i want to thank you for always (most of the time) leads by example and being the first one ready to improve and evolve. thank you for recognizing that as individuals, we both bring so much conditioning and learned behaviour that it takes patience and effort to work through together.

thank you for choosing love, in whatever form they may be, again and again even at the hardest point.
aku tak ingin tak berbahagia karena cinta
bukanlah cinta bertumbuh sebagai dua?
pagi dan malam
duka dan suka
tangis dan tawa
datang lalu hilang
Restu Taurina May 19
black and brown never really matched
until yet, when our eyes first met
i will raise my glass and whisper;
to our first time,
to the night our bodies are push together,
and my lipstick is all over your neck
let's dream of,
to a night full of desire, screaming "I love you"
as we set the sheet on fire
take my hand and let's give up freedom
instead we can destroy each other
again and again and again
to the first, and hopefully last
unaware that for me,
he's the lines of a book i read every night
he is the form of warmth and comfort i've been longing my whole life
he could take me to his favorite place and hold me tight with his words,
enough for me to worry about print marks

how do i tell him that,
he is the blotch of ink on the last line of my poetry,
giving it a beginning but never an end
not now,
not ever,
because we are here
for eternity
Restu Taurina Mar 16
you tell me all the ways that you love
and it chills me
to think you're thinking so much of me
while i'm still picking up the pieces
trying to breathe

i was so sore
from all the bruising that love gave me
in that aching breaking nonsense of before
broken beyond the broken of a time
before i met you

but it feels so warm when i call you baby
to call you nightly
to be calling you at all
and so comforting for me to need you so deeply
want you so freely
to let loving you be all that keeps me
warmer now
and closer than
i've ever been
to feeling so sure
love letter for my loved one
Restu Taurina Oct 2020
darling, riddle me this;

who are you to tell me,
that i am far too underserving
to dance with the whole galaxy?
a question for someone i once met in my dream
Restu Taurina Sep 2020
if you were a city, you’d be like Paris
a beautiful ray of lights,
with its own captivating mind

oh Paris...

you can’t describe Paris
unless you have wandered around the streets
under its rainy night

you can’t describe Paris
until you walked in a sunny park,
felt the gentle touch of the breeze upon your face
while stroking your hair

you can’t describe Paris
if you haven’t felt the atmosphere at Les Quais de Seine,
Friday night after a hard week at work

you can’t even begin to describe Paris
because it should not be described,
it should be felt

just like i can’t begin to describe
how empty my life would be
without you
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