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IT IS WHAT went over my heart
brandon nagley Jun 2016

O' daughter of God
Queen of faraway
Azure; embraced
tis I am by thy
Love, Into
Is thy

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley
brandon nagley Apr 2016
In a secret chamber mine love-
novel to other's, we shalt repose.
Thought's to not only be understood
In the physical, but in the kingdom
Wherein living water floweth
From ourn soul's. Pinnacle's
Defying scientific theory of
Time and space. For where
We shalt be there art sea's
Eternally unspoken; Only
By God shalt one seeith the
Glimmering turnstile, none
trespass allowed there, none
agápi to be defiled. Here, this
Place we shalt floshtarize in
unbarring liberty; a cordillera
Aloft the breeze we shalt ascend.
Ourn spirit's wilt twist and bend
To the notes of saintly chord's. O'
Anon mine girl, anon; we shalt sip
From the grip of turquoise pond's. As
The treasures we wilt collect, shalt be
providential, ourn residential abode-
white as snow, O'er the Show
of the most essential.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedication
Repose- be lying, situated, or kept in a particular place.
Novel- strange,
Chamber- room.
agápi- love in Greek tongue.
Floshtarize- this is a word I created as I do many.. This word I made means ( unite spiritually becoming one being)...
cordillera- a system or group of parallel mountain ranges together with the intervening plateaus and other features.
Aloft- up in or into the air; overhead...
Wilt- will....
Anon- soon ( archaic form).
Art-  meaning are in archaic tongue.
providential- involving divine foresight or intervention..
O'er- over ( archaic way).
brandon nagley Mar 2016
The most beautiful, stunning creation I've ever seen.

Earl Jane, O' Earl Jane;

The most wondrous aglow, from her shoulder's doth flow.

Reyna, O' Reyna;

Paradise lies, betwixt her eye's, I'm embellished by her presence.

Vasílissa O' Vasílissa;

The most beautiful, stunning creation I've ever seen.

O' how I'm blessed to hath a Queen;

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( pookie) dedication
Aglow- means glowing.
Doth- does or do. I mean does.
embellished- make something more attractive.
vasílissa is queen in Greek tongue.
brandon nagley Feb 2016
Aร ɑ yѳuɳg Gʀɛɛk รѳɳɳɛtɛɛʀ, I รɦɑʆt รtʀɛɑk tɦʀѳugɦ tɦɛ ɦɑรɦiɳɑ'ร. Fɛttɛʀ'ร ʝɑɳɛ ɑɳɗ I รɦɑʆt ɓuรt; tɦɛ ѳɳcɛ iɱpɑรรɑɓʆɛ, ɳѳw iɳ tɦʀuรt. Gѳɳรɦɑɳtuร ʀɛɑʆɱ, witɦ ɗɛɗicɑtɛɗ tʀuรt. Twѳ ɑɳgɛʆ'ร รɱiʆɛ ѳɳ รuɳรɛt'ร tѳucɦ. Sɦɛ ʆѳѵɛtɦ ɱɛ, ɑร ɗѳ I ʆѳѵɛtɦ ɦɛʀ รѳ ɱucɦ. A Cupiɗ'ร ɑʀʀѳw ɑt Miɗɳigɦt'ร ʆuɳcɦ.

©Bʀɑɳɗѳɳ Nɑgʆɛy
©Lѳɳɛรѳɱɛ pѳɛtร pѳɛtʀy
©Eɑʀʆ ʝɑɳɛ Nɑgʆɛy ɗɛɗicɑtiѳɳ ( Fiʆipiɳѳ ʀѳรɛ)
Hashina is a word I created + meaning high heavenly passing, hashina's,- is high heavenly passings ( gates into heaven)....
Gonshantus is a word I made- means far from mans touch.
Fetters- are chains for the ankles,,..
brandon nagley Feb 2016

Her vιѕage ѕнone ιn тнe ѕтarѕaleт ѕalυтaтιon.
Her reѕιdυe, oғ ѕυnѕтreaĸed groove; O' нow
Holy waѕ тнιѕ ιnvιтaтιon.


Oυrn ѕтory waѕ long тιмe overdυe.
Waιтιng, paιnιng ғor one-anoтнer;
A ĸιng, a qυeen, a poeт;
Hιѕ мυѕe.


Aѕ тнe color'ѕ oғ yellow, green and вlυe,
We ғυѕed, ιgnιтed, вιrd'ѕ eхcιтed;
Taĸιng oғғ ιn wιngѕpan oғ
Kroѕнonтυѕ velaвeeм.


Loѕт lover'ѕ, ғoυnd agaιn, wιтнιn
A dreaм oғ aιѕleѕ we ѕwaм; ѕqυalιne
Beaм-ѕнιne, paѕѕιon ғroм тнe dιѕтanт
Age, eхιѕтence oғ Cнrιѕт'ѕ cнoѕen. Once
Enтoмвed, now awoĸen. Bonιeѕ claѕped,
Spιrιтιnιυм υnвroĸen.


Marвle'ѕ opened, тo тнe grand, тнe new.
Dιvιne вooĸ вeғore υѕ; ιn тнιrd-нeaven
Trυтн. None мore тнιng'ѕ тo нoldeтн υѕ
Bacĸ, none мore нencнмen, nor тнe nooѕe.
Necĸ'ѕ ғree, lιғe'ѕ ĸey, тo paradιѕal ғιrмaмenт,
Allelυιa we ѕιng.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Visage is a person's ****** feature. Or face.
Shone means past like shined.
Starsalet- is a word I made meaning ( starry sunset)
Salutation- means greeting in old form.
Kroshontus velabeem- is a phrase I created meaning+ ( amazing speed.)
Squaline is another word I created meaning- divine scribing...
Bonies- a word I made up meaning fingers.
Spiritinium- is a word I created meaning ( the spirits momentum)
Marbles I say here-- I mean the eyes.... Marbles.
Paradisal means- like paradise. Heavenly.
brandon nagley Feb 2016
Valentine of mine, quempress of the sublime,
Oriedjewel of the Filipino pool's, afire art mine
Eye's; to the ray's of thine beams.
This heart-shaped package is
Thy own, pull the string's;
And kiss mine being,
Touch mine breath.
Layest thine head
Upon mine *****,
Caress mine neck.
Unsharae with me,
A serenade fit for a king and queen,
Wherein the after-hours of moonlight desires, maketh
Budded roses and flower's out of thou and me. Mistaglare,
O' in season's fair; mine Valentine, mine love unwind, soak into mine bubble's, as the liquid wine. I'll stroke thy skin, thou wilt
Tour mine mind, as valentines shalt be felt, between ourn blood
Combined. Heaven's line's shalt be crossed by us, the sound's of Harp's, til' dawn and dusk. Perfumed pearly gates, therein fountain's gush. Ourn amour explodes, rainbow gold, freely spirit's, next to God's own throne. Telepathy as telephones, manor's with lantern's, heated ember glow. This the place wherein angel's roam, a place unknown; to unwelcomed guest's. A banquet full of peacefulness, none forgetfulness, as ourn satisfaction is apart of the attraction, O' how we conquer the valentenic terrain.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( filipino rose)
Quempress- is a word I made up before and used- means queen and empress.
Oriedjewel- another word I made up- means oriental jewel.
Beams- Ray of light.
Afire.- burning or on fire.
Unsharae is a word I made- meaning be free as a child.
Mistaglare- is a word I created to- meaning ( an abundance of mystical things.)
valentenic is a word I made up- meaning valentines like.
Therein means- in that place. Archaic word.
brandon nagley Feb 2016
meale, agin thy losabox,
Mine sixth sense canst
Feeleth thine Cranium's
Woe. Telepathically this
I do know; as thine dazzle
Is leaving slowly, but queen
Behold me, as I taketh the
Stripes on thine backside.
I taketh the crown of Thorn's,
Upon thy top; whilst I bleedeth
Thine own blood, so its me, not thee
Whom the demon's confront. I wilt
Dieth for thou, so rest easy amour;
I wilt suffereth for thou, relax mine
Girl. I wilt replace thine water droplet's
With mine own vital being, Upon the
Burdened cross, I'll be hung up; strung
As cattle; struck with cord's, so thou canst sleep.
As when thou shalt waketh from thine gentle snooze, I shalt be
Bloodied, broken, anguished, bruised. All because I tooketh thine Torment's, so thou couldst respire mine muse, all because sweetest jane, im verily in love; verily in love with thou, mine dear refuge.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl jane Nagley dedication ( Filipino rose)
Meale- is a word I created.meaning ( me all) as in Irish speaking, like example ( meself) meaning also myself.
Agin- ( is archaic for next to)
Losabox is another word I made which means ( lonesome bed) losabox... I used losa-as another word for lonesome and box like the hard thing she's laying on which isn't even a bed, which I feel bad for her she's in physical pain from it.
Behold means archaic for +( see or observe)
Respire- recover hope courage and strength after a time of great difficulty.
brandon nagley Feb 2016

Alleluia, I proclaim, six month's it hath been, an eternestial
Keep. None need for word's to cometh out of mine mouth and lips, none need for mine sight to peep. For now; soundly do I sleep. Slumbering in mine dulcet Jane's deepest desires and wishes.


Every fibril of mineself, shalt be tucked away in her niches, warm and cozy therein I wilt abode; I wouldst selleth all possessions, to be next to her, though I knoweth patience hath
Us on hold.


In the meanwhile, we shalt cosmogyral, ground to air, a many whilsts. Creshinta lovenairs, O' another six month's wilt cometh again. A lifetime I looketh forward to, kindred spirit, best friend.


I will not cease, from building upon thee ourn bedrock, thus the ticking hand tick's away, and the minutes betray the clock's. In heaven amour, is where we do belong, with melodious angel's singing hymn's; and saint's to play ourn song. We wilt forever be, six month's from now, six year's, six generation's, six hundred fear's, six-thousand kisses, six million glares, six billon glimpses, of thee mine wife and me all ourn lives. In matrimonial bozeere.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
eternestial- is a word I made up, which means ( eternal and celestial) meaning eternal and heavenly.
Fibril- a small or slender fiber.
Niches- or niche- place or position....
Therein- means in that place.  
Abode- means stay...
Creshinta- is a word I made up meaning+( a love so true others can't and won't believe in it.. That's how good it is. (:::))))
cosmogyral means- whirling around the universe.
Whilst- means while. Whilsts- means more than a while lol.
lovenairs- is a word I made up- means lovers of the air.
Bedrock- fundamental principles in which somethings based!!
Bozeere- is last word I made up- it means- a bliss that can come from God alone. Not world's bliss.
brandon nagley Feb 2016
Beaugelic quempress,
A Serentifying archipelago
We shalt repose; nearby a
Bryefire, burning liquid's
Of scented rose. Gardenia
Perfume, to sheen ourn
Outer layer's; scribing
Of the almighty, inscribed
Into ourn conscious, galaping
Another's inviting. Extraciting-
Anjarising, O' flambustic passing;
Her cherithronius' marble foundation,
Hast given me solid ground, wherein
I heareth the most karstrett of once was
Lost, now found. Darshaying in Romanticism's
Prism; making drum beat's to **** street's,
And archaic rhythm's.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl jane Nagley dedication ( Filipino rose)
Beaugelic- is a word I made up. It means ( beautiful and angelic)
Quempress- another word I made,,, ( means queen and empress) .
Serentifying means- serenity sanctifying ( word I made up) also means calm and holy).
archipelago means- a group of islands..,
Repose means - rest.
Bryefire means- a bright fire... ( a word I made up to)(^~^)
Scribing means ( writing) archaic form.
Inscribed means- carved.
Galaping means- staring intensely at another, as if today's our last day on earth,( a word I made up) (^~^)....
Extraditing means- extra exciting. ( word made by me)
Anjarising- means angel rising ( word made by me)“ψ(`∇´)ψ
flambustic- a hot flame no one can cross,but two soulmates...( word made by me)
cherithronius ( means cherubic like throne, or cherubs throne, I mean her cherub like throne.) Word I made up.
karstrett- is another word I made. It means musical terms meaning ( the most reverberating beauty of sound, that is from the firmament.)
Darshaying- another word I made. That means ( cuddling like children) “ψ(`∇´)ψ.
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