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Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
Full of hatred for myself
Running deep through each bone
The earth is spinning way too fast
Worry it won’t stop or slow

Incapability arises
To discover what’s kept hidden
The hourglass keeps draining sand
Altering time forbidden

Distance between reality
And dreams luring me to look
Enshrouded by a shadowed cloud
One breath is all it took

Birds circling the air above
In blissful animation free
Sharpening their beaks for prey
In restless anticipation I see

A curse is embedded in my blood
Self-loathing running through my veins
While the roses others plant are blooming
Scarlet petals wilt and leave only stains
Suffering from minor writers block
A Simillacrum Jan 2019
Leg over leg
Blue to the face
Late monitor light
Cat napping nearby
For me, small sleeps
The numbers skip
Red won't betray

All my ends
Approach and collect   dust
Is it   worth it?
Not, but I am sense   less
Is it   worthless?

Take it from your
future self:
Yes, absolutely.
Let red devour
all your plans.
Reign supreme
where we
enjoy our curses.
Mark Parker Jun 2015
Untrodden silver cesspool, 
Darkened by bombshell blast, 
Riding in weathered abyss, 
Covered with killer cannon fodders past. 

Black battle went into starstruck night,   
All started to fall, but not all fast, 
Over tricky time they all did fight, 
With wind guiding bloodstained mast. 

Lovers light broke with rising sun, 
Gleefully gallivanting through hours passed, 
Tediously tiptoeing with hopes to run,  
Over red salty sea made infinitely vast.
Another old poem.

— The End —