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brandon nagley Jul 2015

Mi amour', let me taketh thy anguish
Mi amour', let me shake away thy learyness
Mi amour', let me hold all thy miseries
Mi amour', let me set thou flying free.


Mi amour', let me taketh those uncertainties
Mi amour', let me take thy pains for thee
Mi amour', let me taketh all thine vex
Mi amour', I lie down mine life, for thy heart to beat in thy chest.


Mi amour', stomp out those mindful doubts
Mi amour', thou already knoweth, what I am about
Mi amour', I'm gonna always be at thy side
Mi amour', I knoweth baby steps, though I feeleth thy cry.


Mi amour', I'm here inside thy soul
Mi amour', mine completion, mine abode
Mi amour', taketh all of me
Mi amour', I'm thy dream, also thy reality.


Mi amour', throw thy distress to the winds
Mi amour', I'm knocking, wilt thou let me in?
Mi amour', I hath not gone away, I'll be here in the morn
Mi amour', mi amour', mi amour', I stand knocking for thee.......
Knocking at thy casa door........

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa Angelica dedication
This is just saying I love mine queen Elsa and will always be at her side... She always wonder? Will I leave her????? Neverrrrr
brandon nagley Jul 2015
We woke
To stardust in ourn crevice
With flakes of joy on the tip's
Of ourn still sleepy nose
I feeleth thine soul.
So warmly good
As the quilt upon us.
Stitched in by love
Giveth us a hug,
As we giveth one back....
Pillows plush fluffy
The day's anew,
To these words I heareth by thee...
Kiss me, mine pet!!!!
I got red and smiled wide.
Knowing being with her,
Shalt be the rest of mine life's.........
And many more divine!!!!
How this feeleth so right....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Elsa Angelica dedicated
brandon nagley Jul 2015
Stellar flûte, la chaleur fulgurante, battant éthérée, tandis que son âme à moi, que tu qui garde ...
(french tongue)

(English tongue)

Stellar flute, meteoric heat, flying the ethereal, whilst its mine soul, that thou keepeth...

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
brandon nagley Jul 2015

In the astrology set agora
Wherein mine agra doth rest
The backwoods to her cache
Is a peaceful gentle nest.


She's a cad of angelic estancia
I espy her espirit fandango
Her lace strand's floweth wildly
Fantasia of mine melody, extra terrestrial fangled.


Mine Gage I handeth her, to not leaveth her side
An agala we shalt maketh romance, whilst gaiety is in her eyes
A Jardiniere to hold her tears, when Jasper's do cometh around
Jarrah to fill ourn kava diligence, diluvial amare is it's sound.


No blunder head's to separate us
Just Bluebell's blush
To admire mine belle of a lamb
Her bema shalt be raised, when its me who is her man.


Ourn belvedere casa, ourn terrace to overlook
This is ourn story, not a tale of fools and crook's
The cover of ourn book, shalt we be entwined
Right inside the pages, of every lonesome lover's mind.

®Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
Estancia in Spanish means- a landed estate
Gaiety means- happiness
Japers- means mockers...
Bema means platform
Belle- is a young beauty or her admired beauty by all....
brandon nagley Jul 2015

Animater I'm anhungered
Anigh to thy brunette canvas
Thou art a calliope to mine ****'s
A second pulse of mine calotype Atlantis.


In Corinth, wherein mine greecian ancestor's do cometh
A cambric carriage with thy grisette dress
Me to be the poetic ******
Thou to be mine Spaniard address.


We'll gad like frat-house student's
Learning lessons, not by ruling stick's
Footing the hills, of forane real
We both shalt be an epilogue, romanticism's epilogist's.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa-angelica dedication
Calotype means - old process of making a picture
Anigh means- near old terms
Calliope means- Greek for mine muse.....
brandon nagley Jul 2015

Goodnight mine love
Goodnight mine sweet
Goodnight mine pet
Thine soul I keep


Do not fret
Close thine eye's
I loveth thee
Mi amour of mine


Cuddle me in clover
Wrapeth me in Spanish garb
I am thy angel
I am thy guard.


Sleep well queen
I'll seeith thou in mine dreams
Wherein me and thou shalt dance
Upon thy own moon gleams....


Forgiveth me mine rose
Mine holy one
Forgiveth me for all the pain I've caused, and the word's ive stung
Goodnight mine amour, mi amour, goodnight. Loveth thee more..

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
brandon nagley Jul 2015
ojos de Angel
Thy dress is quite seen, thy vocabulary to me reads
The word's of a queen.......

mo chuisle
Thy feet art tired from work
Relax, let mine finger's exhort, pressing and caressing softly to thy skin.....

buah hatiku
For thee I write ancient poems and haiku's
Doth thou not seeith thou art mine muse, and law giver to me?

I've traveled for thee from afar
I giveth mine courtship to thee, and heart
For though distance doth not keep us apart,
Distance is but a word
As mineself I canst maketh it all real...
Just telleth me,

When thou art up for a real call
A real visit
And everything to be....
For I'd giveth all for thou
Mine reina
Mine everything....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
ojos de Angel- means angel eyes in Spanish
mo chuisle- means my pulse in Irish
buah hatiku- means fruit of mine heart in Indonesia...
sirenita- means little mermaid in Spanish
brandon nagley Jul 2015
Peering off the albino wrap-a-round step's
When tis only us and noone is left,
I'll let her develop me until I mold into her tresse
As she swayeth her dress, mine arm's wilt go weak.

I won't be able to speak, as she bundle's me to her package
Mine toes shalt curl, as mine body she'll ravage.
In arcahic mode, she's fixed in mine passion
As we shalt dissapear in upward direction, vast confirmation.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication..
brandon nagley Jul 2015

I shalt abideth on her seafoam tongue
To prance thither wherein her enchantment floods
This body do I attend to her, this mind set on her way's.


Consecrate me upon thine Jasper smoothies
Where thine pumping box is a Ruby
Feeling me out, and ******* me on in.


The enchantment wilt forever last
I shalt maketh thee a poem of amour'
A dedication of ourn rapport
As the ticket is only handed out, to me and thou.........
Special invite only.....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
Thither in old terms means to go to a place or to ....
brandon nagley Jul 2015
I don't write of amare
Out of boredom or dying thought's
I write for mine mi amour'
Because it's mine heart she hath got.

I don't write of amour'
Out of lonesomeness or to get attention
I write out mine souls truth
Because I loveth a godly invention...

I writeth for mine ELSA
Because that's where love taketh us...
I writeth for mine ELSA
Because it's her who to me is a must.

I writeth for mine ELSA
Because many ages for her I hadst to wait...
I got lost from her before
Yet met her at heaven's gate...

I writeth to mine soulmate
Because she's all to me,
And though tis she canst seeith it all right now...
Trust me, I do see....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Elsa angelica dedication
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