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Stephen Moore Jul 19
Moon maddened,
Spoon with me my Luna,
On a blood Moon July,
You and I,
Cry as we die in ecstasy.
Murakami Jul 8
Moon as full as my wishes
While my heart overflowed with warmth
Romance shifted into desires of passion

I've told you
You're the moon, out of reach
And grew so close

All I'd see is red, intoxicating
Looking away from the balcony
The wind seemed to blow away all doubt
The emptiness of all below me
Caught my old dreams

For once, the stars were pale
This day, the moon turned scarlet red

And the summer breeze wrapped around us
each beat of my heart
is for you alone
i see nothing else,
but the shape of your hands
and heaven in your eyes.
Magnolia May 16
White, Yellow, and Brown
Different shapes, sizes, and textures
Curly, straight, and wavy
You look at your reflection and do not see it

You're brown
You’re slim, light, and skinny
Your body does not resemble what it means to be a woman in your culture

A Latina woman has curves
A Latina woman's skin glistens underneath the sun
She contains an inner glow that resembles the strength she holds.

A Latina women speaks fluent English and Spanish
The purr that rolls off her tongue when she rolls her “R’s”
Her accent is what blows men away
Her accent is seen as exotic and from another world
But yours is different

You look at your reflection and do not see it
There is no purr because you can't roll the “R’s” off your tongue
Your slight accent is what worries you
Afraid your accent is going to get you a stare instead of a wink.
Afraid to speak you stay quiet and become discrete

You look at your reflection and see
brown sugar that’s sweet and fine
Your skin contains different specks of color which makes you different
The sun captures the qualities that you contain within.

You look at your reflection and see
A woman that speaks the language of romance
The language that distinguishes you from the crowd
The language that brings you strength and courage
The accent you once feared would bring you shame is the same one you have come to love.

You look at your reflection and see
A woman that has grown internally to love herself for the way she is
you contain the inner glow that resembles the strength and knowledge you have attained.

The eclipse has finally passed the sun and your  time to shine has arrived.

White, Yellow, and Brown
Different shapes, sizes, and textures
Curly, straight, and wavy
You look at your reflection and see
A Latina woman.
Yuki Apr 6
It is already sunrise and
it’s time to say goodbye
for I do not want to be
mistaken for the moon,
living under the spotlight
of her beloved sun.
Raunak Mar 29
As her fingers ran through my hair,
She hummed a tune of sorrow
A wolf howled in the distance,
For he was yearning for the moon
Her eyes, dark as the night sky,
Looked into mine, and I saw light,
Blinding like an eclipsed star
Searing into the fabric of my being
Freeing me from all earthly restraints
With each stroke of her gentle caress
She untangled threads of my soul
And her lips, curved into a delicious smile,
Leaned towards mine ever so slightly
And when they touched, the wolf stopped howling
For he had now tasted the moon
Two lovers
Chasing each other in circles
Able to meet
At a nonexistent corner
Those hazel eyes flashed against mine,
it was a blink of an eye,
felt for the first time.

Can't hold your hand,
nor kiss your lips,
my whole world turns around our eclipse.

A silhouette love,
it's just me and you.
You are my little secret,
a secret rendezvous.
midnight Mar 8
para sa'king sol,

ang nagsisilibing araw sa buhay ko,
para sa'yo itong tula,
hindi ko na papahabain pa
alam kong hindi tayo puwedeng magsabay
kaya't sa'ting paglayo sa isa't isa,
sana'y masaya ka,
at sa kabilang dulo ng mundo,
susubukan ko ring maging masaya
sa alaalang minsan tayong nagtagpo,
pero hindi talaga itinadhana

patuloy na nagmamahal,
You were the sun this cold heart is longing. You told me I became the moon who lights up even your darkest and gloomiest night.
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