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Ikigai Poet Jul 2019
I stand in the rain,
Hoping that my pain would wash away,
Just like my loneliness did when we were together.
I watched the rain pour down,  
As if the waters may give life to my withered soul.  

As the clouds rumble,
Lambent lights are absorbed by my senses,
Nourished with the memories,
I feel your presence.  
The way the wind caress my cheek,
The sound of the thunder,
Reminds me of our first kiss,
Refreshing, electrifying, warm and calm.  

As the drops drizzle down, reinforced by the mist,
My heart feels knotted with doubts,
Insanity and delusions are on the rise,
Are you still the person who
Taught my insane heart to beat calmly?

As the fog thickens,  
My vision seems blocked,
But so is the reality.
As the very nature seems to be hidden behind the white cloak,
I feel my every cell die from within,
A feel of isolation which followed me
When you left without saying a goodbye.  
-Ikigai Poet
Anne J May 2019
Red drops and red lips
Open heart and broken bones
Blue skin and no flow
Another art project poem
Lemon Apr 2019
The pitter patter of rain drops
Dripping at the seems
Swishing, shploshing, never stops
We don't know what it means

Gives the sky a saddened look?
Tears of masked despair?
Clouds cry out like tree leaves shook
Not one fruit to bare

Or does it gift to us a chance?
A series of liquid love?
That raised the plants and made them dance
A blessing from above

So look with eyes of wonder now
And contemplate the sky
Let the weather show you how
The rain drops drip on by
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2019
Her love was like rain,
Falling a million drops at a time
Scattering through the sky.
Her love soothing, calm, wet.
This love not predicted by
forecasts given by weathermen.
Coming when ready.
She often fell without limit.
A huge gulp swallowed without spill.
Her deed readily prepared without haste.
Her love like rain.
Falling drop after drop.
Sincere without shame.
& I the none swimmer,
carried by her flood
& without fear,
I insist that she carry me
where ever she may go
pa3que Mar 2019
the clouds are at war,
with weapons of fear.
billowing with hate,
daunting everyone near.

the clouds were at war,
making schemes in the sky.
what's left of them now,
cries drops that stay dry.
LearnfromBOBD Mar 2019
Honeydrops’ your lips so sweet Like sweet nectar.
Caress cuddles,
You made me languish,
Cos I stayed for long.
Waiting for your day, godly way.
Yo sweet flavor puts me in ecstasy.
You mesmerized me and yo sensation calls me.
Baby, my heart is burning,
I feel sensual delirium, Carnal pleasures.
passionately, let's go slowly.
Yo smile is troubling,
your lips feels touchy.
You bewitched my feelings,
My poetic lover.
To my las drops. Temi ❤️
pa3que Mar 2019
can you hear my non-living ocean,
can you smell it’s scent of red roses.

the birds singing above,
can you feel the sun’s warmth.

a drowning drop of sun,
drowning in silky silence of waves,
making its way to hidden beneath.

can you hear my non-living ocean,
my drop of love in your hand.
Nik Bland Jan 2019
Does moonlight impede you
Do you get the full view
Of the
Sun that lies within

It’s so hard to read you
You see, in the read-though
Of the
Book the dialect changed

Your shoulders are heavy
And you never feel your ready
Slow and steady

This isn’t a race
So why is your heart still racing
Beats seemingly replacing

Time is a construct
Look towards the home front
It is
Always somewhere near

The night brings such sorrow
You feel no hope for tomorrow
It is
Storm clouds in your head

Raindrops on your pillow
I’ve been sitting in the bathtub
For fifty-six minutes,
Shower running,
Counting the water drops
On the wall.
I see you in each droplet.
I see your face,
Your smile deliquescing
Into molecules
I can no longer find.
Water drops are
Memories long forgotten.
I’ve counted 3,871.
I still reminisce.
I still love you.
To contain my lament
Is to count droplets.
To you,
I’ve dissolved into
The past.
To me,
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