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Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
The clouds in the sky seemed more pretty and blue
When ur  vivid smile is witnessed by me .
Like a rainbow cheering up the cloudy sky,
You made me sparkle up everytime like a firefly.

Every now and then the way you care for me,
Cheering me up even in my gloomiest heights.
Your presence makes me feel like
Being with a gem of paradise.

Each moment spent with you is so precious
Your company and you became my universe.
Weirdest at times and loveliest everytime
You are that rose blooming in my heart for a lifetime.

Smiled from my core,danced happily and
Shoned like a star
Everything just became charismatic
When I met this angel suddenly till forever.
It's a totally random poem....felt like sharing
Thanks for reading dear poets.
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
It feels as I if
She is
is stabbed
By a
Knife from inside
That breaks
Her soul
Into pieces
Like a glass
It's the taunts
Or the praises
Or the fear of being
Losing oneself
Too much
Burried in
Thoughts of  
Maybe of
Of disgrace
It's just making
Her a puppet
Of the control
Of herself
A soul
In the hands
Of circumstances .
Today I am feeling as if everything someone is telling is hurting me so much...some people are so sweet but a backstabber ... sometimes it just not feels alright to be treated like literally breaks us down.. something it feels that I m losing myself in this journey....maybe I m tired of getting failures or
I m too scared to overcome another one to face people's just enough sometimes...I just wanted to share my feeling with u dear poets..

Thanks you for reading.
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
The tears
Down her cheeks
every bit of it
Reached her lips
And was about to
Just then
Wiped away
Of pain, burden and guilt
And rosed
Out as
A strong human
Tears cannot
Break her
All it can do is
Make  her a
Strong human.
Crying helps us what nothing cannot sometimes
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
She was standing
The other side of that
busy road
He was looking at her
From the
Opposite side
Standing at the footpath
Her eyes met his
She saw the person
She wanted to see
For such a long
Both of them were
In a hurry
Staring and communicating
In sign language
Seemed so loving
He crossed the road
Came towards her
Gave away the
He brought for her
And bade her.
The small little things
Really matter.
Just felt like writing this although rather than a poem it seems like a story
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
Do u think
breaking her heart
they are happy like insane
No not at all
somewhat now or later
they also feel
the pain
somewhere maybe
they are innocent
You dont intend to hurt someone...u too feel bad when u say harsh to the ones u love....its not always our choice...sometimes we are so uncontrollable so mad at others we say whatever we feel like but lately we are also a human we do have a heart which pains when we realize it was just too much of us to say such.....Even if lately we do realize our heart aches at that moment
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
Her heart was broken so
As if it was just a piece
of glass.
Heart is not a toy...but people so rentlessly play with it afterall may for them its not precious it just something that can be broken as much they want
Kaumal Borah Aug 2020
Beautiful,gorgeous and
glittery lights
Filled her heart
with seraphic delights
A series of lights
in the dark shades of night
flying high and low
flashing their
glare in a row
illuminating her soul
from inside
As she became captivated
by their sight
All she could do
was smile in delight
Looking at those  natural lights
"the fireflies"
The fireflies always had been a beautiful delight for me ...
whenever I see them I recieve happiness and they always cheer me up.
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