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Nora Sayed May 2022
You have failed to accept the truth
Here you are following their semantic rules
Playing the role of a social robot
One that is being brainwashed non stop

It has become a form of art
That ripped your thoughts apart
Indulged you in its pratices
Wrapping you around its clutches

While you rest, they create your reality
Making their words your best rhapsody
When in fact, it's just a treading enemy
Reinforced linguistically and sanctioned culturally

You work hard towards the prosperity of the opressor
And to those who dare fight, you take extreme measures
You have a lopsided point of view of a rigid world
Yet you do nothing to change it and appear undisturbed

Isn't it time to emancipate yourself aginst such actions?
Form your own truth and make your own decisions?
Educate yourself and free your mind
Leave what you thought is the truth behind.
Nora Sayed Feb 2022
My mind was bleeding, I was in an ordeal
The snow, my drained soul, it would conceal
Stranded in that hollow lifeless space
Lost I was in his embrace
I saw it somewhere, that light
One that, through the hard times, held me uptight
A beauty and strength of some sort blossomed
And that horrid pain yielded and succumbed
Then came in the punch of reality, so full of heat
And in the ocean I sank forlorn with defeat
Lost in the waves without his protection
It ached me to see my choices’s reflection
I saw it all those 3 years and then
I fell but here I am, I rose again.
Nora Sayed Nov 2021
Give me your hand and I will take it
Proffer me your memory and I will cherish it
Offer me your heart and I will guard it
Grant me your love and I will own it
Not all the people are like you
None mean to me the way you do
I've gone astray a long time ago
You helped retrieve me, I know so
Our tattered pages we now rewrite
Our roots to the past are no where in sight
We’ve moved on and changed together
We’re now someone who is way better
Our goals and visions we will pursue
I know side by side we’ll make it, Me and You
#me #you #love #heart #together #better #present
Nora Sayed Sep 2021
I see you, I feel you and I hear you
I know the travails you’ve been through
Always there, never looked at
Rarely at peace,  mostly in combat
You fight to hold on and fight to let go
The person you love most may become a foe
Once you’re wounded it lasts a lifetime
Yet the executors never deem it a crime
Its the heart that has to go through it all
And at the end of the day, has to stand tall
I say the heart is a wild creature
It is its own master and its own teacher
And our ribs are its disdainful cage
One that in no way soothes, only enrages
The heart would consider beating the cage down
But it knows if it escapes in blood you would drown
Nora Sayed Jun 2021
I fear that I’ve been blinded by your love
For once you weren’t there things became tough
I assumed my happiness was in your presence
So I made my perfume from your essence
Sprayed it everywhere so I’d feel you
It was dominant while your emotions weren’t true
All the lies you fed me left me in terror
False hope you gave me but I deserve better
Fortunately, I have my family and friends
Ones I can rely on while my wounds mend
They have always been there for me
And now the best version of myself I thrive to be
My experience with them taught me so many lessons
Some I wouldn’t have learned by myself I reckon
Many people who are in my life will eventually depart
But only true friends will leave a footprint in my heart.
Nora Sayed Jun 2021
They haven’t smiled properly since then
I long to look into your dark eyes again
To see what you hid in your soul from words
To take me with them on a journey to your world
They seem to remind me that you’re human too
That feeling unproductive isn’t something new
They vent saying you’re going through a hard situation
Where loneliness is causing a great deal in your devastation
It’s challenging you to try and live without it
To bring over new friends who truly love you and admit
It’s creating in your mind the illusion that no one wants you
And being stoical would be the only way through
So I ask you when it speaks in your head, radiating a sound
Telling you to disappear, say “ No I want to be found.”
Nora Sayed Jun 2021
You live in your own world away from reality
Dream of finding yourself a brand new identity
With that you put on a gown alongside a mask
Started attending ***** and fulfilling your task
You liked the idea of being mysterious
For feeling exposed to you seemed hideous
You met people with good and bad intentions
Didn’t care much for you just wanted their attention
You made some friends and that’s what seemed to matter
You were left with only one person to flatter
He was a long shot yet you decided to gamble
Apparently, he played a card that made you tremble
Your mask, acts, and games away he shoved
Brought you back to reality where he was the only person you loved
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