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Lex Feb 2018
As we count the cost
of your ticket to leave
As we cry the tears
and wipe them on our sleeve
As we wait for hope
we sit and smile
As we try to cope
we sit for awhile
As we dance around
with our feet bare
As we lay on the ground
with our fanned out hair
As we sit on our bench
and look up at the stars
As we look at each other
we realize what we are
As we became best friends
beauty was born
And now as you leave
we are still strong as ever
and remain untorn.
To: My best friend Amber. I love you to the depths of the deepest sea and to the top of Heaven's sky. Wherever God takes you I will always remember the ineffable journey of us. <3 I will forever miss you.
  Feb 2018 Lex
Emily Dickinson

If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one Life the Aching
Or cool one Pain

Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain.
  Feb 2018 Lex
love isn't always enough
to create a happy ending
Lex Feb 2018
I like you
and I like him
I can see us
and I can see him
I have felt your lips
and I want to feel his
I want to be yours
and I want to be his.
Oh love you are so great,
both of you.
  Feb 2018 Lex
Nicole Eden
my heart races when i see you
my thoughts become a tornado
destroying any good that stands in its way
my body trembles and my hands shake
i lose all control at the idea that i might look into your eyes again
my stomach panics and turns itself into a knot
a knot that you created when you tried to turn my world upside down
why does my body get weak in your presence
why do you have this hold on my soul
i make all efforts to pry your hands off and away yet
they always find a way back to my insides
i am a spare tire, used once and left on the track
no longer a part of that bigger picture
you left me useless now
standing in the middle of your racetrack
  Feb 2018 Lex
Brianna Love
Gorgeous is the woman
with storms in her eyes,
a bruised soul
and many scars
but still dares to open up,
to trust with her heart
and fall in love
that is a woman
who bleeds stardust
and cries
tears of pure love….
This is dedicated to a really sweet person that I know, who has no idea how strong she actually is.
Sweetie, you shine, keep shining!!
  Jan 2018 Lex
hi, welcome to our world,
you must be new.
i'm sure it sounds exciting;
but let me explain something to you.
you're a girl so
things are a bit more tough.
things are hard when nobody listens
when you say "enough is enough."
it's almost like you can't say no--
wait, that's not it.
it's more that when you say that word
they still don't quit.
opinions run rampant--
nothing you ever do or say will satisfy them.
"them" being not only girls tearing each other apart,
it's also men.
this idea of "them" is that you're being attacked,
physically, verbally... it doesn't matter.
they say you have too much makeup,
your stomach should be flatter.
and then it's the clothes...
you wear too much and you're a *****,
too little and you're a ***,
might as well be ****.
like to flirt?
too bad, you put out.
like to keep to yourself?
you're a *****, no doubt.
there's no such thing as winning,
in our society today.
but please, have fun!
enjoy your stay.
the truth of being a girl (might write follow-up poems to this)
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