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Lex May 9
I miss you.
And you were never mine to miss.
Missing you is pointless now that you love her.
Lex May 9
I never loved you.
What I loved was the thought of what you could become if only you cared enough to love yourself the way that I loved you.
I was in love with your potential.
Lex May 9
I hope that I can be loved the way I love everyone else.
Lex Feb 15
The irony of it all is this;
No matter how many times you stabbed me
No matter how many bullets you shot me with
No matter how many punches you threw
I would never stop loving you
I never picked up the knife
I never would touch the gun
I never would lift a finger
To hurt anyone
And especially with you
Who I so deeply cared for
I would never hurt you
I would always adore
Sometimes they keep hurting you because they feel they don’t deserve that love.
Lex Jan 12
There comes a point where you dance.
And not the same for everyone,
but you must dance.
Because when your heart has been still and stuck in sadness
you must give it a little chaos after.
After what, you may ask?
After you're broken.
After your heart feels absolutely shattered to its core.
After you and your love have been at war.
After a long day at work.
Just after.
Anything, where your heart has hurt
you MUST dance.
I hope that someday you dance again.
I did.
And I've never been more joyful.
Lex Jan 12
I was never in love with
I was in love with your
Lex Jan 12
Ahhh, the power of writing down how one feels.
Maybe that's why we have so many who don't write.
Or like to read.
Because it's hard to look at your words
when all you see are things you've been avoiding.
Hello, HePo. :) Just some thoughts for the night.
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