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Eloisa Jul 2019
Thank you
You never disappoint
You met me in my fantasy last night
I woke up on your shores
with your soft rosy lips on mine
~Happy morning
Eloisa Jul 2019
My dreamland’s gateway
opens up a gorgeous field of flowers
And there at its center proudly sways
In stripy purplish-pink is a handsome wildflower
I do adore those wild and free
though I love all kinds of blooms and hold no preference
And when I saw him in his fragrant sanctuary
I felt a kind of reverence
And among those beauty of its kind
I surely won’t forget
The sweetest moment when he smiled
The wondrous time when we’ve first met
Eloisa Jun 2019
He came like a wind,
whispered music in my ears,
swiftly brushed my lips,
then brought cold creeps to my skin,
lulled me and just disappeared.
Just a dream
Eloisa Jun 2019
A portrait of love
In the realm of fantasy
Our hearts beat in sync
Rainbow paints on a canvas
Only us, in bed, naked
Ruby May 2019
tap - drips, reminding
sounds of past lovers and how they still linger on
tiles - a bond, strong
not even your creator can pick you off from where they stand
and how they try
the tap drips offbeat
from the tiles, which I stand
making it hard for me to go to a peaceful dreamland
the baths ocean - hugs me, serenity
Mili Vada Apr 2019
I imagine, believe - focus
I flare, ignite - deliver
I stare, slip - Lose it
I woke up
Welcome to the dreamland
Beautiful world with rainbow sand
Create dreams with peterpan
Fly away the universe with snowman
Counting the stars from one 'till ten
Close your eyes and just take my hand
Dream what you wanna dream and believe if you can
Don't give up 'till the end
Jupiter Dec 2018
take me to your dreamland
and, if you don't mind,
let me live there,
for a time.

let me go, let me see
what makes up
your daily dreams

take me to your dreamland
and unlock the door
I want to see a part of you
I haven't seen before.

I want to see the lovely thoughts
you have tucked away

so take me to your dreamland
if only for a day
you can trust me.
Little grains of sand,
Slipped through my fingers;
As I dwell on my dreamland,
I couldn’t help but linger.

What if no evil existed?
What if there was no bond of adoration?
Into this philosophical flow I was drifted.
With no awareness of the duration.

I settled in this realm of imagination.
Where there is no order of creation.
Where I am ignorant of all mortal’s complication.

Out of the blue, I felt a tap on my shoulder,
I turned around;
It was a reminder,
That I am still on this simple,beauteous ground.
Thoughts in class, on the road, on the beach, asleep...etc
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