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colette alexia Apr 2020
You said I was perfect
And you meant every word of it
Like a design-your-own character, I fit your every preference
My blue eyes, my bowed lips, my eyelashes
My rib cage, small enough for you to hold
You told me you loved my every curve
How my skin was just pale enough to complement yours
My height, my legs, my voice your favorite in the world
My brownish blond hair that you loved to twirl

I suppose for me, you weren't far off
Six feet tall, lean, but strong
A laugh that made me sad when I didn't hear it for too long
Dark brown curls that turned red with the season
You grew your hair out for me, but I'll never get to see it
You said I was your dream
But you weren't mine
Because the one that I dream of
Will never say goodbye
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2019
Put me to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
and lock the door

I got some place to be
Got someones to see.

You can't understand
You surely can't understand

I needs to dream my same dream
I needs to dream my same dream I says

This old life does me no good
My eyes, they need to be closed I says.

Finds me a woman I met sometime last night

No madder how I tell it,
You can't understand this thang I know fo' certain.

I says put me back to sleep
I says put me back to sleep
Can't you see
I got some place to be
Got someones to see
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2019
A large percentage of my favorite dreams end too soon.
My eyes open and I regret the moment I open them.
A large percentage of my favorite dreams ending too soon.
While I lay there unable to find my way back.
A large portion of my life spent unaware of my surrounding
until I wake up.
The reality that I'll never find my way back.
Some of my best smiles, favorite memories of what could have been.
Discovered while I leave everything behind
And close my eyes for seconds longer
This unexpected moment I close my eyes & begin to dream.
My eyes skipping through every smile.
To see where I end up, the faces I haven't seen in a long time
Re-Living a moment of peace.
When my eyes open
It's not completely the dream I resent why I open my eyes.
It's the complete and utter feeling of not knowing what could have been.
Known that you were the sweetest dream I could have fallen into
Stumbling in and out of every laugh.
Known the sweetest kiss I could have ever dreamed
Came from you
Justinee Dec 2018
I am lusted after and I am singled out because of one thing I have to offer them.
I have something the average girl doesn’t have, I’m ‘a girl with a little extra’
I am their secret dream girl, their hidden desire.
They love to love me in secret.
They don’t see me as a person, they see their fantasy being fulfilled with me.
They don’t want to know my mind they just want to know how long I’ve been on hormones.
If my hair is real, if I had any surgery and you know what surgery I am talking they say with a no good smile.
Wow your face is so feminine looking, you would never know what hiding between your gorgeous thick legs.
Your body is perfect, your are not narrow you have full hips almost child barring.
Your delicate nose, your long blonde hair to your pouty lips you are perfect for this one night t girl.
They love my voice, they say its so **** and soothing.
I am a *** object to them, a pretty thing with ****, hips and a ****.
20 years of flesh on my body, and I still cant feel anything for it.
Yet these men do.
I am a delicacy, I am a rare indulgence for them.
Do you know how beautiful you are young t girl they ask me.
Why so empty t girl, why so lonely you could have any man you want for the night.
The night, that is all this body is worth to them.
My mind attacks my body like a foreign object, something that is not right or supposed to be.
Yet men find it so ****, like eating the forbidden fruit.
I am so tasty sweet and so unacceptable.
What will people think they say to me.
How can I be lusted after, but shamed for my body
Something they find so beautiful, so exotic
They love my porcelain skin, that is diluted with freckles they say they want to count each one I have.
Get naked t girl, that is all your body is good for, to be looked at let me adore you.
Yes I have a girlfriend but you are an exception, you are a rare commodity, your skin is baby soft, not rough there is no trace of man hood on you except the one thing below that makes me want you.
You are my fantasy t girl, you are what I think about at night when I am alone.
When I decline what they want, I am disgusting, I am a stain in the world, let me show you what happens to real women t girl, such a waste of a pretty face.
these men are so offended that 'someone like me' doesn't desire them they desire me.

yet how am I the fantasy?
these are some of the things I went threw, the dating life of the 20 y/o transgender female.
What choice have I?
Presented with my dreams in waking light.
What hope have I?
I could not resist you with all my might.

What choice have I?
When looking at your face makes me crumble?
What hope have I?
In your stare I forget to be humble.

What choice have I?
When the years denied me beauty like this?
What hope have I?
When I’d given up on the perfect kiss?

What choice have I?
You’re fire and light of the brightest star.
What hope have I?
I can’t believe just how gorgeous you are.
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Druzzayne Rika May 2018
He thought he found his dream girl
but he is actually living in her dream.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Maybe I love her more.
Then again maybe she loves me more.
To her love is a test.
I know I've missed my share of answers.
I looked at the clock.
Knowing I need to take my time but can't slow down.
In a time I couldn't think she hid my calculator.
Telling me to use my fingers.
I knew the answers, I used them everyday.
Maybe I love her more because I studied.
Then again maybe she loves me more because it was a pop quiz.
But thats ok, because it was open book.

Motivation to love you better
I dream about you
When I'm completely awake
I see you every time I close my eyes
And every time I open them
You're burned into my retina
Like I've been staring at the sun
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2018
In a strange sort of way.
I've always wished that we've gotten together.
Be it a dream; that we would speak in hellos than good byes.
True love by means of evolvement.
Maybe I shouldn't think of you this way.
To bootleg myself in what I truly believe.
The hope of every possibility.
Your complex occupation.
To say what really matters.
To truly inspire in the midst of what we truly feel.
Consciously low key.
Eyes that take for granted that you'll always be there.
Maybe this is what I low key deserve.
Now knowing to be heard.
The difference between listen.
On another note.
I don't know.
I sort of always thought that would be fire.
To think of you as mine.
To hear the depth of truly knowing how free we are.
Our phones unlocked with complete sincerity, with us humbly mumbling somewhere in the background
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