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Jikai Zheng Jan 2018
We’re not all on the same dose of love, you know
Some people need it more than others
And some have learned to live with less
Nylee Nov 2017
Why do I pin all my disappointments on the wall
where they sit, stare and call
me to curse and cry
while they laugh on my wasted try.

why do I keep carrying those reminders
they are anything but sweet and tender
their work entails getting me to frown
or few tears, that is even better.

I cannot get rid of those
I am insane to seek them out like that
A ritual to get my daily dose of sadness
as if the day is going to be any less mess.
Seema Oct 2017
I took too much of a love dose
Now my heart just hums and goes
In a rhythm, it flows
My face with blush, yes it glows
The automatic smile pops up
Similar to that on your minion cup
Now see what love dose does to me
All I want is for you to be,
Here with me all the time
It's hard for you to smile
But surely you getting there, just takes awhile
Try it, it will be recognised from a mile
Tho too much of anything is not good
Yet, all settles up when it comes to great food
You do know my favorite dish sweetheart
So there is the kitchen, show your cooking art
A wink and a kiss I blow, for a good start...

Fiction write.
Keen Nov 2016
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Darkly Oct 2016
I haven't looked up from my computer in a while...

Oh, yep, she's still beautiful.

I guess I'll write a thing about it...
I'm wearing orange today. I never wear orange.
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

The sober thought of feeling something again
In circling around your mind like the sand in an
Hour glass,
Watching the seasons pass and not maintaining
The erge to even count the days when you were
Normal facing the end of a flask
Give me another dose,
A dose of what is real and what vacant,
Looking for a soul thats been lost for decade and still comes from
A broke family with no type of investment plan to better futures,
Be careful what banks you trust,
It was simple enough to me that things I have been taught were always
Inconsistent lingering the real facts and leaving me in a state of confusion,
Not to say I'm dumb, but I question it sometimes,
Mom's not giving a **** and you think that will reflect on my kids?!
You're sadly mistaken, taking everything that my family does to me
And never punish my own with it,
Never choosing favorites while multitasking it,
There won't ever be a dull moment, not for a second....
Luna Craft Mar 2016
My relationship with life was as unhealthy as mine with death
I took them like pills, small doses each time
Never at once, I've always been told not to mix alcohol with antidepressants
Me and life lived like Romeo and Juliet
We only met in secret
Quiet smiles at stupid stuff, subtle and unsound
Death always took me away though
It carved my skin and tied me in red
Little red ribbons
Carved deep into my thighs, the wrist was too predictable
Again i'd try to be taken, my dearest start crossed lover
They'd bubble smiles across my lips
I wonder when they started to feel fake
Matthew Harlovic Nov 2014
It took one, to turn her
pupils into shrunken heads.  

© Matthew Harlovic
amie Oct 2014
your words are like pills
i swallow them one by one
sometimes all at once
they scratch down my throat
settle in my body
and disappear
like magic
but it’s only science
i am left in a state of dizziness
they cloud my vision
and numb my pain
so will you please
please speak softly
let me swallow
one last dose
I'm actually pharmacophobic and I hate taking pills.
Octavia Malkin Jun 2014
The drunken bar fights
And one night stands
Trying to find who I am
Now you've been shot out of the game.
Except, you weren't shot were you -
You were in the gutter
Couldn't return back from hell
So you thought you might as well **** yourself
And me?
I was a cowgirl left in the desert
With no hope of survival
Just two liters of Tennessee whiskey
And three bags full of the good stuff.
In a shoot out with myself
Swallowing palm fulls at a time -
I didn't expect them to find me
So quickly
And take me to A & E -
Too much of a failure to die.
The first in a series of 5 poems.

— The End —