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amie Dec 2015
i am a speck of dust in the galaxy of your mind
but to me you're astronomical
when i look at you i see stars
can you feel my love
thousands of light years away?
amie Sep 2015
when everything i have ever known
is ripped apart
you tie all the broken strands back together
in a bow and
help me
fix myself
feelin a little torn
amie Jun 2015
i want to know everything you feel when we're together
i want to know if you love the rain
or if you abhor it
but it doesn't matter
i will still drag you outside during a storm to dance with me
no rain jackets, no shoes, no cares
nothing but our feet, hands, and souls making splashes
and soaking ourselves
in the moment
what I think of when I look at you.
amie Mar 2015
you're the beginning
you're the end
and you're everything in between
you're everywhere
you're everything
and not a bit of you for me
this makes no sense
but it's what i feel
shall i repeat?
I can't get my mind off of you.
amie Mar 2015
imagine a world without mirrors
there'd be no judgment of others based on ourselves
and no judgment of ourselves based on others
imagine a world without mirrors
our souls would be the tools with which we'd perceive
not our eyes
imagine a world without mirrors
scratches, marks, burns and scars
would be treasured as symbols of strength and sacrifice
imagine a world without mirrors
we'd look deeper than the mere facades of our exteriors
into the intrinsic complexities and marvels of the heart
imagine a world without mirrors
our childhood innocence would remain
but our naiveties would fall away
imagine a world without mirrors
we'd behold our sisters and brothers in grace and awe
we'd behold them with love
I don't know why, but I keep asking myself what the world would be like without mirrors
amie Feb 2015
you're dangerous
but i like it
loving you
touching you
soaking you in
it's like licking chocolate
off of a knife

you draw blood
and then you dance in it
leaving red footprints
**all over my skin
this is a dark one.
amie Feb 2015
when i see you with her
i can't help but feel
a little tug on my heart
a little falter in my step
a little quiver in my voice
and i can't help but wonder
why you picked her
why you chose her
why you love her
but it's okay
i'm used to wanting things that i can never have
some real life feelings went behind this one.
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