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Kaela Warner Dec 2015
Dose he know I'm crash landing?
Dose he know my mind races with thoughts of him?
Dose he know I see the way he looks at me?
Dose he know that I'm not lying?
Dose he know how much I idolize him?
Dose he know I find his eyes to be the most gorgeous in the world?
Dose he know sometimes I count the stars to keep my mind off him?
Dose he know of all the little things I do for him?
Dose he know how much pain I'm in?
Dose he know my favorite place is in his arms?
Dose he know that he's healing all my wounds?
Dose he know I would do anything for him?
Dose he know I love him?
Raiven Everett Jun 2018
My dearest friend
I know this is the end
As my words did not reach you in time
Your last dose
More important than those
Who loved you dearly

Your last dose
That dose who killed my last friend
Of old times 
That l last dose 

That slaughtered my friend
I want to be angry
I want to cry
Yet tears will never fall
As the only words that come to mind are
You lucky person
As your binds tethered away by
The sharp edge 
Of Death's scythe

That last dose
That makes me think
Why must i survive
That last dose
That just ****** me off
Anger of no bounds

That last dose
You chose as you lost yourself 

That last dose which
You lost your dignity to
I'd fly miles on miles
But it'd be pointless
I will never pay respects 

That last dose 
I want to blame on everything
In the world
Besides you
But can't bring myself to

That one
Last dose
Set you upon the grave
Beyond no point in living you pass
To point in living as the dead

That last dose
Thay made mourners of so many
Will never bring me to tears upon
Such a sorry sight

For this i must bid farewell old friend
Enjoy the last dose
the start of nothing new... do you know how it ends?
welcome to nothing more than words on a screen I am your host fingertips on a keyboard, hope you have the time to dream. It would seem we lost some of what make us what we are but i'v been saving mine in a cup and am offering you a sip, so I do hope you have the time. Now, it would be most beneficial to scream so if you feel the need let it out and when you feel ready we can nothing new it has begun and it well continue beginning as long as actions happen. the only real end you will ever really know you will be dead for, so it's ok. You can start living now if you have not already done so. find your apex and start building a tower on it fill with book and not a lock on any door though it could use some secret passages. love the land and give all a helping hand so the work of wrong will soon be gone. you can call me a dreamer but at lest i try.
(THE WORK OF WRONG) welcome to the time we are living in and walking backwards we are. believing the lies of your fathers stepson will leave you hating your self. I hope you do your research, the facts are what separate sheep from lions but still you can find both in a zoo, they just wont let you pet the lions. so my sacrificial friends it is our time that makes them (the zoo keepers) their money that just so happens to keeps us in our cages and repeating till the end. I hope you think deeper than your parents, just look where those thoughts got us. so are you packing your food in oil, fueling the world on the blood of the earth and all that ever was earthly without a 2nd thought. what dose the box want you to think today? not feeling right they have pills for that, so turn on your favorite reality show it's not like you have anything else to care about. Have you screamed yet? while working for a dream you forgot.... eat it, breath it, bathe in it; it must be good for you your master and the box said it's good for you. I don't know what Agenda 21 is ,statistics are stupid and repeat. while jumping rope with the devil time dose fly but think if you would have married your sibling you could have your own reality show. Sorry, just doing what fingertips do. It would seem to easy to say the world we are living in is a lie made by the hand who hold the money and then prints god on it but can I just say burn your idiots. why so serious, nothing has ended it is all just beginning and still i see.....
(THE WORK OF RIGHT)welcome to what has been forgotten a path less traveled and hidden from sight far from the lime light if it dose find it's way to the people it usually ends with a hole in the head while walking forward. still a better ending than I can say for most. right dose not work for money or power therefore it dose not need nor want either. it dose not need to be told or soled, the truth is why it fights. nether it's will or it's rage can ever be caged it burns a light to bright. to burn you need to be fueled or your flame will end. an eternal fire is a flame that fuels it's self from within. right can be found in jail cells, right has been chased out of counters and threaten with treason, right is standing up to a power greater than itself for what it knows to be true. you might think you know but have you seen. the lines we walk are drown in sand and the winds are strong so stop walking and fly with me its time to see. a world that dose not need a king just it's people to love everything.the earth can give us more than any government, power hungry fools can't see past greed. now stand fast and hear the meaning this is not a spiritual path as it is the work of right and wrong. a simple fact so have faith in what you will but always stand for what is right and never work for what is wrong so together we can move on.
nothing new just for you
A Poem: A Dose Of Vanity

A dose of vanity
What you call vanity
Might not be vanity at all
What is poison to one
May be pleasure to another
How yummy and sweet it is
The sweetest of all pleasures

Come with me to sin city
Bring down the walls
When you come over
No need for hang-over
Just bend over
And I will take over
Afterwards, we can changeover

Give me a dose of vanity
Without any iota of sentimentality
Let us define our territoriality
With a sense of responsibility
Before we engage in vanity
That leads to ecstasy
Be advised, proceed with protection

Now, the moment has come
Before we "*** our ***"
Let us "talk the talk"
This moment is intended for pleasure
No doubt, the best form of exercise
Ours not intended for procreation

Did you sign an oath of celibacy?
Are you virile and adventurous?
Let's play with the oil that never dries
Let me give you a trip
To a city that never sleeps
Don't we all need a dose of vanity?

Slowly, lift up the veil
Start from the periphery
Input the play head
Twerk like Cardi B
And enjoy a dose of vanity
Before you get tipsy and engaged
But remember *** is real
Have you been tested?
Spread the news, not the virus

Babatunde Raimi
Author/Life Coach/Poet
08178827380 & 08035063895
Don't try to explain to your mind I don't know what is happening here one minute it's love and suddenly one word turn into a battlefield. Why is it that smallest things that tear us all down? I'm not here without a shield, can't go back now both hands behind my back! Oh no these time we climb so fast only to fall again! Why have we got to fall for it now? I never to start a war you know I never meant to hurt you don't know what we are fighting for. Oh why dose love feel like a battlefield?

Is this what love feel like this?... I can't swallow that pride nether of us want to raise the flag mmmm... If we can't surrender then we are going to lose what we have oh no! Both hands tied behind my back for nothing oh no these time we climb so fast we fall again! I don't want to for it now I never meant to start a war you know I never want to hurt you. Don't even know what we fighting. Oh why dose love always fell like a battlefield?

Guess you better go and get your armour, We could pretend that we friends tonight and in the morning we wake up and it will be alright because maybe we done have to fight and I don't want this love to feel like a battlefield? Oh why dose love fell like a battlefield?

Guess you you better go and get your armour, I never meant to start a war you know I never want to hurt you I don't what we are fighting for. Why does love always feel like a battlefield? Why dose love always fell likes battlefield?

Guess you better go and get your armour, why dose love always feel like a (oohh....) why dose love always feel like a battlefield? I never meant to start a war I don't even know what we fighting for, I never meant it to start a war I don't know even know what we are fighting for?....
Piyush Gahlot Jul 2018
That pure innocent smile,
Your childish face and that side profile,
Your silky hair and that perfect hairstyle,
Would never forget you.
**** I miss you!

The touch of your smooth skin,
That beautiful little chin,
Your blushy cheeks and that grin,
Still I adore you.
**** I miss you!

Those big dope eyes,
That Stupid nose ,
Those size 7 feet and pinky toes.
Your medications and Ayurvedic dose.
Wish again to feel you.
**** I miss you!

Baby I still remember,
that freezy December,
The day we fell off the scooter,
Your stupid buggy computer.
Our first date and the perfect kiss,
That raining night we spent in balcony
When you burnt the toast and macrony,
That birthday card you made me,
Helping in projects and assignments,
You taking care when I got sick,
I recall all those perfect memories of you,
still there's a place for you,
**** I miss you!

I wish you would have waited,
I would have come back,
But I can't blame you,
It was me who needed the space,
The fault is my OWN!
So I am the one left ALONE! :'(
I miss every cell of your body,
every second spent with you,
every moment in your arms,
Every bite I had with you.
I ******* miss the whole of YOU.
I thought it right to assess some antidepressants, which philosophers are more inclined to call mood enhancers.
(This was during my foray into human enhancement, substances intended to enhance physicality, cognition or mood. Nootropic compounds concern the latter two categories.)

The most commonly prescribed mood enhancers are serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs), but it takes over a week for these compounds reach their peak effect. I therefore approached them with the notion that a limited dosage might point to their character which would further manifest in the long-term. (In addition, side-effect were less likely to manifest.) These considerations in mind, I set about acquiring a few miscellaneous anti-D's.

Fluoxetine was the first successful selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), better known by its original brand-name Prozac. Fluoxetine has an acute biological half-life of between 1-3 days. Presence of a trifluoromethyl group on the compound deserves note, I wonder what the presence of electronegative fluorine atoms add to the psychoactive flavour of a compound (subjective effects).
I administered a single dose by mouth, there was some indication of subjective character. Light serotonergic sensations and seemingly benign mood-dampening, there is a ****** towards the positive. Waking headspace relatively uninteresting. Observed hints of oneirogenesis, did not manifest in enough character to be detailed - a sort of vivid, 'pulsive wandering, more pronounced in contrast to its waking character.
Good experiment, intresting results.
Ligand     Ki (nM)   Ki (nM)
Target      Flx            Nflx
SERT        1               19
NET         660           2700
DAT         4180         420
5-HT2A   200           300
5-HT2B    5000         5100
5-HT2C    72.6          91.2
α1             3000         3900
M1            870           1200
M2            2700         4600
M3            1000         760
M4            2900         2600
M5            2700         2200
H1            3250         10000

Escitalopram is an SSRI commonly prescribed for major depression and generalised anxiety. It is the (S)-stereoisomer of citalopram. The biological half-life is of escitalopram is between 27-32 hours.
I administered a dose and thought the phenomenal serotonergicity less apparent than fluoxetine but then gastro-intestinal disturbance was noted, I correctly surmised it has a high affinity for 5-HT2C but was also surprised to find it is is quite adrenergic.
Any oneiric qualities were not readily apparent after a single dose, relatively little visual imagery which is understandable given its lack of affinity for 5-HT2A. I found this to be philosophically intresting. Mood elevation observed in bursts of conversation and as odd sensations, possible mental discomfort.
Recptr     Ki (nM)
SERT       2.5
NET        6,514
5-HT2C   2,531
α1            3,870
M1           1,242
H1           1,973

Venlafaxine is a selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). Venlafaxine and its metabolites are active for about 11 hours.
Initial subjective effects similar to a very light empathogenic stimulant. Perception of altered attention-span/increased reflexive response; energising yet paradoxically much yawning.
Ligand,  Vnfx      Dvnfx
Recptr    Ki(nM)  Ki(nM)
SERT  ­    82           40.2
NET       2480        558.4

Tianeptine is a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) with an unusual mechanism of action. It is an atypical agonist of the μ-opioid receptor and has been described as a (selective) serotonin reuptake enhancer (SRE). It has a short duration as sodium salts [prescribed form] of between 2-4 hours but as sulfate this can be notably extended, some of its metabolites are active for longer than tianeptine itself.
Definitely anxiolytic, quite artificial; possible aphrodisiac. I find its opioid activity dissuading, requires utmost caution.

Moclobemide is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A (RIMA), its monoamine oxidase inhibition lasts about 8–10 hours and wears off completely by 24 hours. Inhibiting the decomposition of monoamines (e.g. serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) increases their accumulation at an extracellular level. It tends to suppress REM sleep and so it lacks oneirogenic properties.
Feeling of well-being, less constrained by the usual anxieties; openness. Relatively unnoticeable side-effects when diet is carefully managed. Made the mistake of eating a cheese and turkey sandwich (i.e. foodstuff rich in tryptophan), indications of a mild serotonin syndrome later became apparent. Symptoms included feelings of overheating and flushing, slight sweating, racing thoughts and anxious discomfort. A stark reminder of Shulgin's old adage: "there is no casual experiment".
Combination with a select few tryptamines (not 5-MeO-xxT) should be safe, and synergistic (perfect for pharmahuasca); reputed to potentiate GHB. However, generally it is extremely dangerous to combine with serotonergic drugs.
Mike Hauser Nov 2018
There is nothing in my heart
That a good dose of love won't cure
Curing that and so much more
This nothing in my heart

There is nothing in my mind
That will take me to the heights
Like a dose of love will every time
Inside this lonely mind

There is nothing in my soul
That can take away this cold
Like love does in a daily dose
This nothing in my soul

Nothing in my heart
Nothing in my mind
Nothing in my soul
That a dose of love won't cure
Leal Knowone  Jun 2015
Leal Knowone Jun 2015
Their utopia is ignorant bliss

Emotionless society,

emotionless existence

the'll be no need, or wanting  variety

Ticking down time, till our slow demise

Give us a dose of reality

with a dose of nonsense

spiraling out into insanity

An odorless place of nothingness

Apathy is so extremely easy

Beauty surrounding everything filthy

Perfection is just an opinion

Contradiction or nonfiction

Fictional characters with friction addiction

Pain's constant. constant constriction
Bad Luck Jul 2018
In a wakeful contradiction, it lays fact between my fiction,
Tangling subatomics, it unravels as its tricks spin
deeper toward the outward...
                                      it won’t let up, 'til I give in.

Over matter, lay my mind…
I tell a lie to pass the time...
But there’s no reason nor a rhyme --
                                            Less still, a purpose?
I search for something to remind my mind
                     that there’s truth that isn’t worthless…

But as always, failure appears;
                              in a sort-of amnesic continuity.
And my reality lies to my own mind
                              Just as well
                              as it succeeds in its futility.
With destruction as its manifest,
It tells me that I stand my tallest
                              Upon two buckled knees.

And just as faith will find one’s doubt --
                  a search within has left without.
It seems that an answer, once sought out,
                  will be left lacking its question.
My truth divides itself,
                   as a product of infinite misdirection.

I try to substitute a reason for a rhyme.
But with no lies left to pass the time...
                              I swallow a dose of ignorance.
It goes down smoother than the truth.

In a war that started with a truce,
This world betrayed my faith to show me:
                                 that I'm only tall enough
                                 Once I’ve been
                                                                ­     slowly.

A pill too large to swallow,
                I think I’m choking on myself . . .
Or the irony of asking,
                     “How could I be so careless?”
Here I stand, Barely standing,
                   Consumed almost entirely
By my own dry-heaving self-awareness...

Left to fight the fears that my nightmares create;
I’m still running from my past,
                          yet, haunted by my fate.
They walk beside me always,
                          shadowing wholeheartedly —
Existing as a duality, both apart from,
                         and a part of me.

These ghosts have taught me very little...
                                    Aside from what I hate.
But, I've come to learn not to fear
                                    The forceful hands of fate.
For I shudder not at the thought of destiny,
                                    Or the inevitable in time...
Instead, I fear the eventuality of the choices
That were solely, and entirely, mine.

I fear that my will may be of enough influence, alone...
That fate itself may collapse beneath decisions like my own.
Or that I, myself, might be constructing
What destruction I will find
Among my shattered spirits and convictions,
In these depths to which I climb.

"Bad Luck: In a Wakeful Contradiction" is now available on Amazon in paperback!


— The End —