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Dosen't matter
18/F    hj is love forever ❤
I am the ghost of a teenage overdose
sufiya firdose


Kaela Warner Dec 2015
Dose he know I'm crash landing?
Dose he know my mind races with thoughts of him?
Dose he know I see the way he looks at me?
Dose he know that I'm not lying?
Dose he know how much I idolize him?
Dose he know I find his eyes to be the most gorgeous in the world?
Dose he know sometimes I count the stars to keep my mind off him?
Dose he know of all the little things I do for him?
Dose he know how much pain I'm in?
Dose he know my favorite place is in his arms?
Dose he know that he's healing all my wounds?
Dose he know I would do anything for him?
Dose he know I love him?
Raiven Everett Jun 2018
My dearest friend
I know this is the end
As my words did not reach you in time
Your last dose
More important than those
Who loved you dearly

Your last dose
That dose who killed my last friend
Of old times 
That l last dose 

That slaughtered my friend
I want to be angry
I want to cry
Yet tears will never fall
As the only words that come to mind are
You lucky person
As your binds tethered away by
The sharp edge 
Of Death's scythe

That last dose
That makes me think
Why must i survive
That last dose
That just ****** me off
Anger of no bounds

That last dose
You chose as you lost yourself 

That last dose which
You lost your dignity to
I'd fly miles on miles
But it'd be pointless
I will never pay respects 

That last dose 
I want to blame on everything
In the world
Besides you
But can't bring myself to

That one
Last dose
Set you upon the grave
Beyond no point in living you pass
To point in living as the dead

That last dose
Thay made mourners of so many
Will never bring me to tears upon
Such a sorry sight

For this i must bid farewell old friend
Enjoy the last dose